Monday, October 11, 2010

Finding Me

Finding Me

For some time now I have been on a mission.
 A long term one, not a set of and carry out mission all accomplished within a time frame mission.

But a steadily evolving mission to find out just what makes me tick.

Why I am who I am.
Why I do what I do.
Let me tell you right up that I am no where near finished, and in fact there is a great chance I never will be.
Life is like that isn't it?
Anyway, during my time of seeking I have turned to numerous books, spiritual magazines, and any other media in my quest to gain a knowledge of what I am all about.
I have a bookcase that has two shelves full of self books, books of wisdom etc.
However recently I was directed to a book by an acquaintance who found it to be very helpful.
And as a helpful sort of person-see I know that much.
I would like to pass this on.

This book is available from the
Book Depository here.

See this is just what I have wanting to do live my life as authentically as possible.
I am tired of all the farcial posturing that we take on in our lives. I am tired of keeping up appearances.
Of having to have the right house, the right car, attend the right groups and on it goes.
Life is to short to live a life restricted by the confines of someone Else's rules and agendas.
Gawd I have certainly used a wheelbarrow word of two today. So with that I am of to get into some sewing.
My soul needs it, really it does.
I'll be back and let you know how I get on.


  1. Hi Jan, I must hunt that book out also. I have just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love which comes out as a movie this week. I would love to have the ability to take a year off as this woman has done and find who she is. I really enjoyed the book although some parts were very slow but I think that is because I want everything to happen quickly.
    Have a great week my friend.

  2. Jan - you're an inspiration. What a wonderful road you are travelling as you carry your friends along with you. We're sisters on a journey. Searching and discovering!

  3. Thank you Notebook team, so nice to hear that. :)