Monday, September 27, 2010

Slow start to the week

What to do on a Sunday Monday evening. I forgot where I was for a moment. Here in W.A we had a holiday for the Queen's birthday. It doesn't take much to put me of my stride. Well the long weekend is all over bar the shout, and we have had our dinner and the bloke and daughter are watching a movie, which is a very old movie-circa 1980's and really once I have seen a movie that's it for me. I am not into reruns, can not do it. Like books. Once the book is read it's read. My girls can read a book and then as soon as they finish I have seen them turn to the start and of they go again. True!

What do you think of the picup there today? It is one taken in the front garden of our home. The Bloke is learning to take better photos and I reckon he did very well with this shot of a common old marigold. In fact this pic makes the flower look better than real life. Almost like velvet. I love this time of the year with new growth pushing its way to through the earth.
What's springing up in your garden?

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