Friday, September 24, 2010

Time for endings and new beginings

Hello. TGIF. Yes it is the end of another week and also the end of school for the term. I am glad, I get to have the kidlet around to keep me company. Next term is to be her last as she graduates on the 27th October from year 12. I can not believe that we have finally finished putting 5 kids through the educations system. I am feeling happy about not having to get a grumpy kid out of bed in the mornings, argue with her about the merits of attending school etc.
But also it is a little sad for me, another milestone passed and another era gone.
It seemed like just a short time ago that the baby was in preschool and then whiz-there goes the years and she is finishing. She has no idea what so ever what to do with herself now. The bloke and I say get a job, she says I want a break first!
Hm mm me thinks we will be helping her search for one. I mean isn't it time she started to pay her way now? I read somewhere the other day that by the time you grow your kid to 18 years of age you have spent a million dollars. Whee that is a lot of serious bucks, especially as we have 5. Gawd who would have known eh?

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