Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Very Tired

I get so frustrated that I cry. Without going into details, life has been hard lately. It seems that everywhere I turn I am reminded of my poor health and limitations. 

Life is unorganised and chaotic. Little frustrations pile up into bigger frustrations. 
I love my family, friends and living but at times it seems like they're all at war with each other...and I really can't cope. 

Big, deep breaths.
Big, tearful prayers.


  1. Jan you are important and Hun I just want you to remember "this to will pass".We all have tough days but try to remember some things to be grateful for and reading previous posts there are definitely things to look forward to.
    Take care My thoughts and prayers go out to you tonight.I truly do know what it's like to be down.You helped me through you caring enough to post on the simple savings thread and I am very grateful to you.

  2. You poor thing. It must be so difficult if your family is fighting.

    I know with my sister who is very ill, that sometimes all I can do is agree that things are just crappy. Yet still try to give hope of just making the best of what life you have.

    Wishing you better times and better wellness ahead xx

  3. Bless you Jan. There truly IS so much to love about life, and family and friends. We're all here for you - holding your hand across vast distances. Sharing your burdens, and wiping your tears. You most definitely are in our prayers. We love you so much.

    From: Rosemary

  4. Hang in there Jan. I wonder if things have improved for you. I hope so. xx Jane