Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Shower

This past Saturday we held a baby shower for our eldest who is expecting her baby in about 
5 weeks. Her sisters organised it and it turned out very well. Lots of food-as is the custom in this family. All home made and delicious. The theme was blue, seeing as she is having a boy.

This was the first baby shower I have ever been to. I think they were around in my day, but I never had anyone offer to have one for me. Is it to late to have one if your child is 27 years old?
And the presents! Oh lord, there was heaps of them. This child has so many beautiful things. There were clothes including a little weeny flanno shirt, and the cutest little tuxedo onsie. This will be worn to the wedding in October. The toys looked interesting and I'm sure there repetitive sounds will eventually drive the parents a little crazy.

My daughters' MIL and SIL and her daughter traveled a long way just for this occasion. It was a really big effort on their part and nice to see them again as they are lovely people. 

Unfortunately my girl was feeling a bit crook on the day so she took it easy and rested on the bean bag. I always know when she is sick because her lovely blue eyes look all washed out. Happily she was okay by the next day. 
During the party we played a few games and it was nice to see everyone get into the swing of things. There was a lot of laughter, funny stories and great advice. Although we asked attendees not to discuss horror childbirth stories as they are terrible for a new mum to be to hear. Sadly, a few women have already regaled her with their dreadful experiences and she is now feeling a little worried. 
I enjoyed the afternoon not only because it was nice to have company in the house but also because I think how wonderful it is that before this child is even born he has people waiting  for his arrival with excitement and love. 
How wonderful it is to be born into such a welcoming and loving environment. I wish this for every baby. 
Once everyone had left I gazed around the empty room and thought about the future when this room would have a newborn baby in it. And then later on when a little, toddler boy will be running around the room. Or even better giving his nana big hugs. 
I am excited. Just five more weeks. Yep I know!


  1. Hello Dear Jan, Looks like I've found your blog spot! :o) So happy to hear the baby shower went well & your DD received lots of gorgeous presents.

    Hope today is a bright & shiny one for you my friend.

    xx Susan's Perspective xx

  2. Hey Susan how are you? Whoop you tracked me down. I hope you find something worth reading here from time to time. :)

  3. How happy to hear your daughter had such a lovely day. It is wonderful she felt so special! I'm glad she's feeling better now.

    I can feel your anticipation through the computer screen - how exciting!

  4. Baby showers are very special, shared with lots of lovely ladies all looking forward to that first cuddle. I know what you mean about horror birth stories. Why do women do that to each other?
    I am like you, Jan. No baby shower either although I did have a lot of friends. My room at the hospital was chock a block after I had given birth to my son, Rory, 33 years ago. I am wondering whether they were not the norm in those days, I can't remember :)
    I hope your DD is feeling a whole lot better. I can feel your excitement at the impending birth.
    Your dd looks a lot like you!