Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What do you wear?

This is the type of dress I am considering buying. I love bright, colorful fabrics.

Hi family & friends. Nice and cool here today and I am so glad about that. It seems that I can move more easily about the place without gasping in the humid atmosphere. In fact not only is it cooler I would go as far as saying it is cold. There I have done it now, the heat will probably resume with a vengeance.

It makes me realise that I need to look at getting my winter clothing organised. It is a difficult process to say the least.
Since I grew to the size I am I have not been able to readily buy clothing. Luckily for me there are a few online shops who make clothing for the plus sizes.

There is just one online shop in Australia where I can buy a few things and the other place I can buy stuff is an online store in the USA.The problem with buying online is you take the risk of getting something that might not fit and also that does not look like the photo.

The other thing is the prices. The prices for larger sized clothing is high. And dare I say it the quality from the USA shop is not high. I mean I have at least 4 tops I bought that after having had for a few years and them been washed multiple times are now as long as full length gowns. The sleeves hang of me and really they are almost unwearable except I don't have much choice.

This is another dress I like, I think it's the pretty colours, more than the sassy design. In my experience of super sized clothes mostly they are poorly designed. Makes me wish I was able to sew clothing, and not other stuff.

I am so glad that I don't work at the moment as I wouldn't have anything suitable to wear.
Anyway not sure why I am even telling all this except that it was on my mind this morning.

Okay all this talk of clothes has got my juices stirred. I can feel some shopping coming on. I need to really I do. :)
So what is your favourite thing you like to wear> Is it long pants, skirts, dresses?


  1. Hi Jan, Hope you had a lovely time letting your fingers do the walking. Didn't spend too much I hope. I find shopping for clothes a bit depressing as the styles are horrible and people seem to think that because we are bigger people we don't want to look smart or fashionable. What are the two shops online you shop at, be interested to have a look?

  2. Hi Jan. The two examples are lovely designs. Unfortunately here in Australia we still haven't the choice of clothing for our figures and shapes that we could, and should, have. Many outstanding manufacturing women have brought out designs that are flattering, but because of cost mainly have "gone to the wall". Mind you, if a garment is flattering to your shape and suits you, then the cost is well rewarded in that you can receive compliments for years. I speak from experience on this aspect.