Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eye in the sky

The following pics are of the new quilt I pieced from a kit purchased from Saffron Craig. First time that I worked from a kit as usually I do my own thing. This was too cute to miss. It took me a while to cut the applique out and then sew on with the machine. I am not 100% happy with the applique stitch on my new machine, but not unhappy enough to pull it out and re-do it.
Just have to quilt it now and put it in the pile destined for my future grand babies.

These last two pics are of a little mug rug I made for a new friend I met who was visiting from Canada. Lovely lady and wanted to give her something, this was the quickest thing I could think of. See, I am a sporadic worker. If I have to plan something it never gets done, or if it does then it takes me ages. But on the spur of the moment whacko!

I know I have been away for a while again,sorry. I have not been feeling that well really. The fatigue is robbing me of many useful hours. I get out of bed each day, which is a feat in itself I might add. And then on and off during the day I am constantly nodding of to snooze, head bobbing over the laptop, or book if I am reading. I don't read half as much as I used to, as I can not keep my eyes focused for long, maybe 2-3 pages and I give it up. It's the same when I am sewing, do a few seams or what ever then I sit back, my eyes closed, drifting off.
oh dear it seems like each time I come on here lately I am complaining about some health issue.
I have reached a stage where I am concerned about my outcome, feeling powerless to stop the runaway train that is my poor health getting worse.

It's been raining here recently. Some of it due to the tail end of cyclone Yasi and some due to another cyclone somewhere. It is the season apparently. I love the rain, in fact it's raining right now. Can you hear it? Can you smell it?

No this is not a picture of my bathroom, wish it was though. We have a small en suite bathroom that is in serious need of a makeover. It is very tiny though and we have to incorporate a toilet, shower and vanity. I thought a bath with a shower over the top would be nice, but then the bloke pointed out to me that with my mobility issues it would not work. He is right, don't know why I keep thinking I am a normal sized person. *sigh*.
Anyway before winter this bathroom will be changed in some way.

The above picture was taken by the bloke on Saturday. He thought it was worth a shot, it's not the best. It was the sun with a rainbow around it. Wish it was clearer.

Oh well that's all folks, all over the shop today, but that is okay isn't it? lol


  1. Loved the new quilt as well as the one made for the lady from Canada. Your colour schemes are lovely.

    So glad to see your latest post - and hope that the weather over there doesn't get you down - it's been hot, hot, hot, according to the weather forecasts we've been receiving. Although it's obvious you loved the rain. The smell of the rain on the eucalyptus is something I wish we could "bottle" - we'd make a mint!

  2. Jan the quilt looks lovely.
    Sorry to hear you have been having some rough days. I hope that things brighten up for you soon.