Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like a needle in a haystack

Oh boy I am so frustrated and annoyed at the moment. I know you probably aren't here to hear me have a whinge but it's my blog so I can. :)
I have to go to the big smoke, otherwise known as Perth to have a test next month and have been looking for accommodation suitable to my needs.
Now it is not as simple as phoning a place and making a booking for me.

Due to my size requirements, I have to be very choosy where I stay. The bed needs to be strong enough. Those fragile little 'boutique'jobs, will not suffice, I need a sturdy
number that wont collapse under my weight.

  something simple, clean, comfortable
Then the bathroom/toilet setup. Oh dear I have had some interesting situations believe me. But these days I travel with my own over-the-toilet contraption,thanks to a car with a large boot. There have even been times when caught short between towns and toilets the bloke has set my throne up in all its majesty in the middle of some roadside bushes!

I also need to be able to park outside the accommodation as I can not walk far and do not have a wheelchair, as yet.

I would even take this wigwam as long as it is comfy,
 spacious, clean. And the car is just my thing too

 I stayed in a motel last March that fitted the bill all except the seats which were literally outdoor benches which I could neither fit on and if I could wouldn't as I have lymphodeama and the wood would (Hey! can you use those two words together?) have pressed against my legs making them very sore and not good. So I contacted the said motel this time and requested the 'disabled' room; so called due to it having a bathroom without shower screens.
Sure it was available-good then I asked if perhaps they would be able to move one of their lovely, new soft sofas into my room for the duration of my stay for my comfort. No go! Oh dear this took me back a bit as I was expecting more help here. I ended the call by thanking her and saying I would get back if I could not find anything more suitable :(
Now I am sad, annoyed a little because it is so hard to find something that suits me. I am not asking for too much am I?

What do you think?

Update: I recontacted the said motel and was lucky enough to speak to a much more helpful staff member who took my booking and was going to see if they can move the sofa into the room for the duration of our stay. :)

(photos courtesy of google images)


  1. You are definitely not asking for to much Jan , hotels should be more accommodating , have you rang and asked to speak to a manager ? I would ask to speak to who ever is in charge & demand more .

    I hope you find a hotel that suits your needs & that your test is straight forward .

    All the best .

  2. I agree with CrankyMum, it is the job of the hotel to make your stay as comfortable as possible, that is how they get your return business and your positive word of mouth advertising.
    I would definitely be asking to speak to a manager.

  3. Gosh Jan, they obviously don't want people staying in their hotel. They have obviously forgotten about word of mouth. Don't put up with it, its only a small request.

  4. Thanks ladies, so nice to see some comments :)

    I agree I would have thought it was not that big a deal really, heck the bloke could help carry the damm sofa if they wanted too. But really how hard would it be?

    Still looking this arvo. :(

  5. Just saw your update.... Glad that you found someone who was very helpful.

  6. Some businesses forget that we PAY them for the service they say they provide, and that there is usually an alternative to them.

    Good you sorted it out :)

  7. Yes some people probably need a customer service refesher course. That was why I was so taken aback, her flat out no!
    Ah well the lovely second lady was so much more helpful.


  8. I'm glad you got a positive outcome in the end... hopefully they can accommodate your request.

  9. Just another note to say I hope you feel better soon - and I replied to your comment here :)