Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Musings

Hello friends. Well I am back and feeling so much better than last time. I felt so crook and all because of a virus, so the doctor said.

So that means there has been some sewing going on and some reading and some perusing of magazines and referring to the sewing books.

I was intending to FMQ the above fairy tree quilt, but alas it was not to be due to lack of skill on my part. I know I have blogged about this before but it is starting to get me down now. I have watched the YouTube videos, read copious magazines, followed blogs, read textbooks but still I have not got the groove. The harder I try the more I stuff it up. I am in need of face to face teaching, but even then I have no guarantee that it is something I will pick up. There seems to be some things beyond my capabilities.

On a happier note I am at the stage of hand sewing the binding on my smaller heart quilt-yahoo.This quilt is a little beauty and I am pleased with how it has turned out. I was also thinking of FMQ little hearts in the blocks but see above for the reasons I didn't!
None the less, I am thinking this little darling may grace the wall of our boudoir. Once the new coat of paint is applied of course, but that's a whole other story.

So what's next you or even I may ask? Mmmm, well there are the pillows I was intending to make for some family members, the cushions for sisters and so on. There is never a lack of inspiration, it is a case of turning that inspiration into motivation to act. *sigh*.

Things like this beautiful applique from the Secret Sewing Sisterhood Blog. This is everything I love about applique. The colours, the design the freshness of it all.

On the home front I am pleased to write that we have produced out first home grown vegetable for the year. And by the way it tasted delicious.
Yep 1 small tomato. There is another one, yes one on the bush still and it is very green. When gardening skills were handed out I must have been asleep. So sad isn't it. With the current price of a lettuce at $5 for a scrawny head, we need to be able to grow our own stuff.

Well because I am yet to download the photos from the big camera that is the lot for today. If I am doing well tomorrow I will be back for another chat and to share some pics. I have the gorgeous doctor visiting me at home in the morning so will post after that.

Keep well and be as happy as you can.

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  1. Jan, your bumper crop of 1 tomato (so far) is much better than anything I have achieved! I sneakily planted some vegetables out the front of my apartment (not my land) and just as the plants came to maturity, they got cut down!!!