Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon In April

A quiet Sunday afternoon in this house today. Had a later start to the day than usual as the old back was dragging me down this morning. I got up and found myself walking like a twisted yabby.

After a nice warming shower; Did I ever tell you that I absolutely love my shower? Well I am telling you now. I do. For me it is like a spiritual experience. The fact that I need to sit down to take my shower means that I may be guilty of staying a little to long under the water, oh but never so long that my fingers turn all wrinkly.
I recently splashed out on (no pun intended) some nice Body Shop products and the shower gels are gorgeous.

I also bought myself a cactus body brush which has proved beneficial for my skin as well as I have lymphodeama and things have improved for me a little since I started using it. But I wont give the brush all the credit as a few other things have changed that could also be contributing to it.

Oh well now that you know my ablution habits, i think it is time to move on to other things.
Like my sewing, or lack of it. Ho hum I am a ...don't you dare finish that off. lol
I am today sewing the binding to the back of the quilt before washing said quilt and then I will chuck it on top of the fabric cupboard, awaiting for a chance to use it. Maybe the next time, a dear friend of mine Sue M visits with her very cute small person who is a real darling, as are her two sweet sisters. She usually has a nap while we chat and she gets to snooze on the bean bag with one of my quilts on her. I love the fact that people use them. :) Gives me warm fuzzies. :)

On another note in the past week I have been making friends with some lovely people and have added their blogs to my blog list. If you get some time, you should check these people out. There is a diverse range of interests there and if you can't find something to like then your not trying. :)
Such clever people and do you know what? They are often so generous and will take time to share blogging skills, help you create photo collages, and so much more, just have to ask.
I feel so lucky to be living in the time that I do so I can take advantage of the talent out there.
Well I am true to form today have certainly rambled and gone all over the place.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the moment...

Till next time...Ciao


  1. Love my shower also Jan, we have just gone out and purchased a new shower rose so its a bit more powerful, no doubt that will make the shower longer-lol

  2. Jan, you have made me want to make my shower a little nicer, rather than just wish I had a bath!! By the way, your photo collage on your header looks great :) Nice selection of photos!

  3. Thanks Scather, hope you don't think that is a picture of my bathroom, ços unfortunately it isn't. Wish it was though. :)