Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's happening at your place?

Pretty petunia, the bloke planted many of these this year but after several days of high heat lots died, such a shame

this pic made me look twice a frog in the garden is good luck apparently

  sponge cake and trifle

                     gingerbread and fruitcake

It's fairly quiet here as we wait for the start of a fresh new year. For me this time of the year has always been about being in limbo. You know after the tremendous build up to Christmas day then the down slide as we get ready to embrace another new year. I like to think that the year coming can be better than the last, not sure if I succeed in that idea though. Sometimes the years seem pretty similar to the previous ones.
                    coffee and cheese & tomato toast

This is my most fave brekky of all, actually I have told you that before, but it is worth repeating as I find this fills me up longer. Nice grainy bread, not white. In fact if we have to use white bread I seem to get hungrier much quicker-not good for me.
So what does your morning look like? What do you eat for breakfast that is delicious and filling? I hope to get some ideas as I am due for a change.
I had more photos but because they show the faces of my loved ones they don't want me to show them. One I convince them (read twist their arms) I will post them.



  1. Jan:

    Loved your "frog" in the garden - looks like he (we suspect it is a "he") has really enjoyed Christmas dinner and felt like he had to have a few hours recovery in the garden! You're really whetting our appetites for cooking and baking again!

  2. I know what you mean about feeling in limbo Jan. Christmas comes round so quickly and (normally) reaches the peak then its just flat, all over and done with so quickly.
    Finges crossed that 2011 is a good one as we head into it with fingers crossed and our hearts open.