Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some of the foods we are eating at the moment

Easy pizza

                   This pizza may look deadly, but in fact it is not too bad. The base is made using only two ingredients and it is the nicest one I have ever tasted. And believe me I have tried many, many types of pizzas. I am from Italian stock after all. Although the picture shows a version with meat, we have since perfected and actually prefer the meatless pizza! I know it was unheard of in this home. But even The Bloke was converted-I tell you that rocked my foundations, his being a meat eater from caveman days. And because I love to share new and beautiful things I will tell you that this pizza base can be made with two cups of self raising (all purpose flour in the USA) and 1/2 cup of natural yogurt (we use Greek). Then it is simply a case of mixing the two until you get a doughy consistency, if too dry add more yogurt or a little water instead. Then roll out to desired size and shape. This will make you two medium sized pizzas.

                My favourite brekky food
Multi-grain bread with thinly sliced cheese with tomato, cracked black pepper. I just love, love this simple but tasty food. The best thing is it fills me up for a few hours. I have it nearly every day, never really tire of it. But sometimes I will have a boiled egg on toast. :)

Choc slice
My eldest daughter is a fantastic cook and loves to fiddle with the presentation of our food that she cooks. We love it. She can take a simple little slice of choc slice she has cooked, drizzle some choc sauce( which I didn't like by the way) shh, few sliced peaches, strawberries,leaves and all, a light dusting of chocolate powder and presto yummy desert.
                     Vegetable Soup
Well what can I say but goodness in a bowl. The bloke made this with every veggie we had in the fridge. Carrot, spinach, cauliflower, tinned tomatoes, potato, onion, broccoli, sweet potato and a bit of vegetable stock powder, black pepper. Beautiful and filling too.

I am thinking that in the new year I would like to really get going with my blog and diversify the subjects I talk about, well even more than I do now.
I guess there are some that already know of the major challenge and mission I am working on and for others who don't, all will be revealed in the new year, if your still  reading and interested.
I have thought long and hard about revealing all-oh hang on don't take off yet, I promise no nude photos or too shocking revelations. :)

I just want to say before I post this, that I was really delighted that you took time to comment on my last blog post. This is a great boost to know that a few people are reading and enjoying some of the stuff I ramble on about. Thanks. Please feel free to comment or discuss anything I write, even you family members who peruse my writing looking for a reason to sue.

Okay see ya all later folks.


  1. Wow! Now you have whet my appetite - not only for some of your favourite food, but the tantalising suggestion that the New Year will hold many surprises in store for us who read your blog!

  2. What a bundle of deliciousness Jan. We have started making really simple pizzas also and the toppings we use are things like basil pesto, tomato, prawns and a sprinkling of cheese but not a lot, really scrummy.
    Hope all is good with you, things picking up here I think.....

  3. Thanks for commenting. I hope to be able to photograph more of the food we are eating, especially foods that we normally would not eat.