Monday, December 27, 2010

Fabric Storage & Fruit Cakes

Recently the bloke had reason to be visiting the city and was kind enough to bring me home a very nice and useful present. It was on sale which made it even better.
The moment it was in the house it was loaded, in a semi haphazardly way by the bloke and the other racks and things were quickly relegated to the carport. It's great having a glass cabinet as now I can admire my stash from all angles. :)
And as a bonus my fabric can remain dust free. What's not to like eh?

Try to block out the assorted mess in the lounge. Oh did I say lounge I meant in my design studio. (well it's really the lounge but I can pretend right?)

Note the lovely quilts on top of the cabinet, they look great but I am sure I wont leave them there due to the heavy dust problem in this city.

And last but most certainly not least is a photo of the two fruit cakes my eldest girl made this Christmas. Slightly well done on the outside edges but tasted so beautiful. It a recipe I devised from a few different recipes and in my opinion it's one of the tastiest, easiest, cost effective cake to make.
Although this cake turned out a little more moist than normal and no wonder too when she told me to the 1/2 cup sherry she had also added a dash of whisky and a dash of some other spirit I can't remember. Nothing like a family recipe that can be fiddled with is there?

Do you have any favourite fruit cake recipes to share?

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