Monday, December 13, 2010

What I am liking right now

These are few things I am really liking about this time of the year.
First is the lovely festive cups Gloria Jeans are using, are they not cute?

New plants being potted on the patio to make it more pleasurable to sit out there. Thanks to the Bloke.

This is a small quilt intended for a new baby that is due early in the New Year. A special lady who has been in my life short while and has made such a positive impact is the recipient. I hope she likes it, and understands the appreciation behind it.
Note the hand quilting around each chook. It is the first time I have ever undertaken such a task and really I suppose I am really laying my basic hand sewing skills out to show, but to be honest I am pleased with the way it looks. Of course the stitches could be straighter, neater but given time I reckon I will improve. I enjoyed the process a lot even though I was not sure how to tie the knots of when finishing a section so if anyone out there reads this and thinks they can help a novice hand quilter I would love to hear from you.
Anyway don't you just love the chooks?
Just a thought if you do manage to read this post can you please take a few minutes to let me know. It is so lonely here sometimes not knowing if anyone reads me or not. A few tell me directly but I would love to read comments here too.

Patio garden in progress with the metal windmill we got from my mums place when we were cleaning the place ready for sale. I love it, it's real Aussie.

Well that's enough from me today I am off to have a rest before lunch. It is 41 degrees here today and although I am inside with the air con off my energy levels have left the building, if indeed they were here to start with.
Ciao till later bambinos


  1. Hi! I read your blog, I have been following for a while now, sorry I didn't say hi sooner! I love the chooks on the quilt, the colors are gorgeous!!!

  2. Hello thanks for the comment. It makes it more interesting when I get comments. I thank you for reading my blog, it is probably quite mundane most of the time, but as my confidense grows, then watch this space.

    I love the chooks too, they are the best.

  3. Just browsing and found your the colours on the chook quilt!!

  4. I absolutely love your blog. You are so articulate and funny and cheery. My name is Maggie, I don't have a blog but I would like for us to inspire each other to loose weight. I am virtually housebound as well due to major back problems, I am going to try very hard to loose 10kg for a start, I have much more than that to loose, but my weight along with my back is making just everyday thing difficult. I have a major birthday in February and that is helping me to be more committed. My email if you are interested is


  5. Hi. I saw your comment on lose to live and thought I'd come and visit. I've read your whole Blog .... you'd think I have nothing to do.

    Anyway I added your Blog to my reader list so hope you up-date often.... no pressure.

    I love your daughter's quilt and those birdies are looking cute.


  6. Oh thank you so much for the lovely comments. You have really made my day, heck maybe even my week. :)
    This has been great and I would really love your comments again. It is often quite lonely here and although I blog for myself and my family and friends I just love meeting and hearing from other people.
    Just love meeting other people.
    So stay tuned folks I will try to keep up a routine of writing here.