Saturday, September 12, 2015

Crafting keeps me sane


One of my daughters wrote to me this morning to let me know someone had left a comment on my last blog post. I have been away from this space for a long time. Not much to say, even though a lot has been going on, although when I say a lot, it is really daily life stuff. 
There have been many, many dark months and my words seized up inside me. However when there is some light in my days I am able to function a little better and things feel good. 
One thing keeping me sane, is craft. Previously, I wrote about making pocket letters and I am still obsessed with making pocket letters. I have included the link to the creator of the pocket letter idea. 

Below are just a small sample of those I have done or am in the process of finishing. 

 A dear arty friend gave me this picture and I had to turn it into a pocket letter (PL). It is not finished as I need to work out what to do with the rest of the pockets. 

This PL was for a swap I was in and I kept it very simple, and was able to show that you can make lovely, crafty PL's without spending a lot of money. It still came up okay and I enjoyed putting it together. I, like many other crafters, love using washi tape-the world needs more washi tape!

This lovely PL was made for a swap and the theme was spring. I had just the products to make such a PL. I loved this paper and it was the perfect fir for this theme. I also love, love using stickles-which is a glitter glue stuff that really adds a sparkle wherever it goes. Love me some stickles.

This photo shows some of my approximately 45 PL's I have made. I store them in a large 3 ringed binder, and need to get another as it is full. 

The PL below is one that I really love. I love all my PL's, but this one really grabbed me as it was a time when I really got adventurous. I kept it for a while and then felt the need to share the beauty and sent it to a member of my swap group. She liked it. 

I will admit that the papers I choose are the start of all my pocket letters. I guess there would be many like me in that regard. However, after the paper is chosen the challenge for me is where to go with it. Rarely do I plan a PL from start to finish-instead I make it up as I go, of course many others will do this too. 
I will stop here and prepare another blog post soon to talk more about crafting and other things. Have I got you intrigued? Mmm, I doubt it. 


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  1. What a great idea with those pockets and such pretty papers too