Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I know some people who want to see a few of the cards I have made over the year. There are all sorts of cards and some better than others. I never stop learning how to do things and some things I am improving at and still have much more to learn.

The following two photos show my recent projects-fan cards. My dear old friend A-M sent me some die cuts and clear instructions on how to make them. I was so happy with them that I ordered the dies myself so I can make more. The dies are Marianne Designs Creatables-LR0264. You will need to buy the fan die and the stand die. I bought mine online from Craftie Cafe, the best price I could find. Free delivery.

Okay, I hope to be able to write more during the coming months.



  1. These are beautiful. Love the fans.

  2. Wow Jan everything you have done is beautiful and when a person looks closer it tells a story. A story of your journey through dark days and the blessings of brighter days. Jacob must have loved his card from Nana. I am so touched by your creativity when you are even struggling with the blues. Love you dear friend.

  3. Very pretty cards! Love those fans!