Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pocket Letters

Keeping in touch just got a whole let prettier

Recently, I was introduced to a new concept on the art of pen pal writing. This 21st century invention involves a plastic nine card holder, often used for collecting baseball cards, and small pretty pieces of paper 'blinged' up to the delight of both the maker and the recipient. These cute little pieces can be embellished with anything one can imagine. I was told that if you can scrapbook then you can create these delightful packages. Once you make a pocket letter, as they are called, you can look for a swap partner. I did this by joining a small Australian group, run through Facebook.
Of course like many things I love, once I start I keep on making them. However, I have done just three swaps. It is a fun way to meet new people and you can decide with the swap partner whether you want to continue on swapping or if it was a once off event.
I have included photos of two of my pocket letters, and you will notice that there is a front and a back to them. In the back you can include little odds and ends as you desire. This is not necessary, but adds to charm and pleasure for the recipient. Oh and importantly is the 'letter', which is slipped into one of the pockets. Most pocket letter makers include a tea bag so their partner can enjoy a cuppa.

Additionally, I have been ordering craft product to make these pocket letters and to add to my immense collection of beautiful papers. Addiction?

The photo below shows another habit of mine-adult colouring books. I came across these about 2 years ago and now there is a mass influx of these type of books everywhere. The selling point is the 'mental health' benefits as it helps people to de-stress, calm down, be more mindful, live in the moment. I feel that these would have been helpful in my days working as a counsellor. "Here, take this book, it will help you heaps". I will say it has been quite calming for me at times.

So that is a little crafty update from me.



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    1. I thought it was too and it is great to receive one.

  2. Nice work Jan. Would you come and share this at my Five Star Frugal Linkup? I'd love to have you! Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Oops...the link is...

    1. I'll pop over and have a look Mimi. Although I think I know who you are. :)

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm glad you shared. And do we already know one another? SS perhaps? Mimi xxx

  5. Wow Jan the floral paper are so gorgeous. You are doing beautiful work. Keep it up