Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pocket Positives

                                              Rusty African Chimes hanging in our almond tree

What do you write? When you feel shut down. Something? Anything? No, who is going to bother reading? I wonder if I am making sense. Maybe to myself, but not too others. 
Being in a dark place for much longer than is acceptable. Not acceptable to me and not to those in my life. Seeking professional help, that doesn't 'fix' the problem. Feeling alone with the Big Black Dog. Scary at times. Tiring, all the time. Debilitating. However, there are bright moments among these dark days and for that I am grateful. 
The moments can form a collective of pockets, which I can delve into at times when the mood strikes. Yes, a lovely pocket of positives. 
Moments such as discussing craft products with like minded women in craft groups. Finding out where to buy the newest, prettiest paper or ephemera. Sharing the funnier side of life and being able to laugh and chuckle freely-I love that. I was a person who laughed a lot. However, nowadays it takes a bit longer. 
The camaraderie, is a salve for wounded soles. 
Supporting other women as they go through life with all of its ups and downs.

                                                              Flowers in the front garden

Life throwing us curved balls. Taking away the people we love. People hurting the ones we love. 
On we go...