Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's The Little Things That Count

Hello folks. It's been a little quiet around these parts and today seemed like a good time to sit and chat about the goings on in my little world. I started sewing again after a long break and have been making a new, to me, quilt block which is a variation on the windmill block that I have made previously. This one was so easy  to do and I wondered why I had never come across it before. Maybe it's a case of  things coming to us when we are ready to see them?
I am not sure how I will use these blocks yet but they could be used in a baby quilt.I love the fact that I can use my smallest scraps of fabrics, and the results are always spectacular. 

In other quilt news, I have been commissioned to make a lap quilt for my best friends cousin. Of course this means that I go into an anxious state, feeling my self imposed pressure to make the 'perfect' item. I do it to myself all the time. Throughout my life this has occurred and despite me trying to work on it, I still face it when I am tackling a new thing.

 The photo below is one that I have shown here before and it is still to be finished. The issue is that I don't have the confidence to quilt it. I am a very novice free motion quilter, and this quilt design calls for that type of quilting. I don't want to pay someone else to do it for me, so until I become bold and brave enough to do it, it will languish in my basket of unfinished projects. 

In other news this small person is now 7 months old. He is crawling all over the place and discovering his world. He has the most infectious giggle and has a smile on his face every time he comes through the door or wakes from a sleep. He has been having a terrible time with teething, and now has two weeny bottom teeth. He loves to visit with his nana and pop and his aunties. His favourite play things are an old T.V remote (with batteries removed), an old calculator, a plastic drink bottle filled with rice, and a small cloth that I sewed colourful fabric bits too. He also has lots of lovely shop bought toys, but like most children it is the odds and ends around the house that take his interest. We love seeing him grow and pass his milestones and we could be called biased, but we do reckon he advanced for his age. He is pulling himself where he can and really wants to get going. That boy will be running by Christmas I think. Look out then.

I have been unwell for a while, but today feel much better in myself and hope this is a sign of more productive times ahead.
I will sign off now and do the next thing on my list which is write a shopping list. Daughter 3 is making home made pizza for tea tonight. Can't wait.
So what are you doing this weekend?




  1. Hi Jan

    Wow, your little grandson is absolutely adorable. :-)

    I'm glad to read that you have been busy sewing again, your quilt is gorgeous! I'm sure you will do a fantastic job on your commission, I think you are very talented.

    Take it easy and happy sewing!


  2. Jan you sound a lot like I used to be, very hard on myself about perfection. I mean, what's wrong with wanting to be better? The trouble comes when you begin to not enjoy the process because of the worry... One day I decided to let go of the need and you know what? Things work out better and I'm happier with my projects. Good luck with it, it's a big thing to conquer.

    I love your new blocks and your other quilt by the way. Don't worry about quilting it. My advice is just to practise and practise on scraps of wadding and fabric and you will get good enough. Good enough is good enough ;-) Good luck.