Sunday, February 17, 2013

Coffee, Bills and a holiday

It's early Sunday morning but I am already onto my second cup of coffee, paid and filed our bills, checked my Facebook for updates and have also gone through copious amounts of emails. Yep, great start to my day. The weather is predictably very hot and although I remain indoors in air conditioned comfort, by mid afternoon it is getting uncomfortable inside.

                                                     Rossiter Bay, Esperance W.A

In recent news the bloke and I had a small trip to the coast. We left on a Friday after lunch and arrived early evening in time for a takeaway dinner from the local Chinese restaurant. Now, we have eaten from this place numerous times over the years we have been visiting Esperance, but the food this time was terrible. It really put a dampener on our first evening. Then to bed thank goodness I thought, well no. For some reason the bed was really high and I was unable to sit back far enough on the bed to lift my legs onto it. So picture this if you wish-Me perched precariously on the very edge of said bed. The bloke half crouching over me, ready to lift my legs as I swing up and onto it. He also has  two of the beds wheels chocked up with his thongs to prevent it taking off through the wall. He then expertly hooks my legs up and onto the bed and I'm in for the night. Unfortuantley in the early hours of the morning I needed to use the toilet so after that there was no way I was going through all that again, so I sat on his single bed and he climbed into my bed. 

The following day we drove around to the shops and out to the beaches which were stunning, and the weather was very nice for us. Deciding that we would do chicken and salad for dinner that night we had bought the ingredients for the salad and the bloke would go to the local chicken franchise to buy some chook. Of he went and about twenty minutes later he calls to tell me that the chicken shop has run out of chicken so it was fish and chips and salad. Seriously how does a chicken shop run out of chicken? 

On the Sunday we drove out to the beautiful Cape Le Grand National Park, about a 1/2 hour to forty minute drive out of Esperance. Spectacular coastline and the water was such a gorgeous shade of deep blue. However there were people everywhere and I didn't feel comfortable getting out in front of them and sitting in my wheelchair so we drove further along a mostly dirt, bone rattling track to Rossiter Bay, a more quieter location to eat our picnic lunch. We had the place to ourselves and even though it was very windy we didn't mind as it was such a change from where we live in the dry, dusty Goldfields.
Funnily enough mid way through lunch along came another car, and would you believe given that the whole area was vacant except us they parked just one car width away from us! Now I am no snob, but heck why do people do this? It also happens in car parks. You can be the only car parked but come out and someone has parked so close to your car that you need a can opener to get in.

On this trip away we did something we have never done before. Now before you get too alarmed it was ordering room service. Yep, in all of our 31 years together we have never indulged in this 'treat'. Of course it was more expensive than we would normally spend on a meal, but we never go out for a meal and it is one more  thing ticked off our bucket list. Studying the menu was exciting, and the thought of the delicious foods made our mouths water. In the end the bloke chose surf n turf  and beer battered chips and I had a rump steak with Diane sauce, beer battered chips and salad. It was delivered within half an hour of us ordering. Verdict was that is was great and a must do thing again. 

On the Monday we packed up the van and headed for home. I love coming home again. sigh...

Does anyone have any memorable stories of a trip away?

Keep well, 


  1. Sounds like fun over all! (Other than the bad food, the high bed and the odd people in the car park which I simply don't understand either!)

  2. Hi Jan. It's been years since I have been down there, wonder if I ever will again. It is too far away for me to drive and husband not interested.. Glad you had a nice time.