Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's Been a While friends

Today is when we traditionally celebrate mothers day. the day means different things to people. My family are not big on celebrating the some what commercialised day, but my girls do love to put on a morning tea. Sadly one of my girls, Nicole lives far away and can't be part of the day, I feel the gap when one or more can't be here.
Today's feast consisted of sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, little cupcakes, apple and cream sponge cake. Coffee and tea. Lovely thanks girls.

Life has been bubbling away, days turn into weeks and before I know it another month has ticked over. Seriously, is it a sign of ageing? I don't seem to get much done but the time passes fast.
I have been scrap-booking, sewing and more often than not face-booking, chatting to my friends and family.
I undertake things when I have the energy to carry them out. Additionally, because I am not mobile enough to carry and fetch required items for my craft projects I rely heavily on my family to do this. It can cause problems. I feel quite bad that I ask them to do so much. They get tired of my requests. They also work and so I have to get them to bring things before they leave and sometimes there just isn't the time. On those days I sit here on my nest (couch) and stare into space. Zone out as some people say. Almost like suspended animation. Waiting for someone to appear or something to happen.
No pity parties though, this is my life right now. I don't always like it, but there it is.

I do have a special friend who visits me frequently, she is a blessing. Love that woman. My girl who lives away calls me nearly every day-she misses me. I like to chatting to her but the thing is my life is rather bland and I don't have much news.
 The photo below was taken last month when our fourth daughter came or a holiday for two weeks. She loved cuddling her nephew who she had last seen when he was two months old. This girl is an enrolled nurse who works in a nursing home, and who has applied to university to continue her career so she can become a registered nurse. We are very proud of her and her determination. She has battled some great challenges and moved through them all. She also recently became engaged to her partner of three years.

The photo above shows one of my recent forays into making zippered purses. I have never put a zip into anything before so had a personal challenge to do so. I searched the web for an easy to follow tutorial so i could learn at my own pace. By my third attempt I had made something pretty decent-good enough for my needs anyway. I gifted that large wallet to my nurse daughter, so she could keep her stethoscope in her handbag. However with me if I don't practice a new skill enough I tend to not retain the knowledge.
I just had too add this photo of my grandson who is now nearly 9 months old. He is quite a cheeky little fella and is determined. He is also very loving and loves cuddles from me. It truly makes my heart sing, as he loves me just as I am, without any pre-conceived ideas. A real little character that's for sure.

So that is my little lot for a moment. I will be back soon...


  1. I think that's spam ^^^^ this post was about me a lot :-). I like reading your ramblings. That morning tea looked really nice, we should do that when i come home for Xmas.
    Love you mum,

    1. Yes Nicole we can sure do that when you are home at Christmas. Miss you chicken.

  2. Glad to see you back blogging Jan!!!

    Sharynne xxxx

  3. Thanks peeps. I would love to get right back into it, but I have days when the words wont come. :)