Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's a quarter past 7am. I have been up since 4.30am, far to early, as it makes for a very long day for me. I often sit here at my table drooping eyelids too tired to get up and go back to bed and also not wanting to because without assistance from the bloke as I cant get into a comfortable position. If I decide that I must lie down then my only hope is that sleep takes me out if it swiftly.

Do you know that some torturers used sleep deprivation during the wars?

I know I am not alone in the non-sleeping stakes. I have friends who spend many 'sleeping hours' awake and indeed in my own family there are a few who share this unwanted problem. My youngest daughter is one. Often when I am dragging my body our of bed, she is just turning her light out. Her problem was so bad at one time it caused her to leave her job.

The bloke is a good sleeper. His only sleep problem is me! He is very, very cranky if he gets woken. Can't blame him. I am restless in my sleep and get pains in my back and hips. I have suggested having separate rooms and he has slept on occasion in the lounge, but mostly he sleeps in our king sized bed.

At the moment with two kids living here we are short on spare bedrooms. Well there is my 'craft room", but I am not surrendering that again. I have a lot of 'stuff' that needs a home.

Therefore we put up with the situation, and hope it can get better. Luckily my bpap machine is quiet ad the oxygenator is parked outside our bedroom door so the noise from that is minimal.

Sleep is an interesting thing to me.We all need it but have varying degrees of success in achieving a restorative sleep session.
When I look at Jacob, my grandson sleeping I think how his brain and body is growing and marvel at every little smile, grimace, frown and arm flutter he displays on his cute little face whilst asleep.
There is nothing I like better than to sit here on my sofa and watch this child sleep. We put a couple of pillows on the seat next to me and he sleeps there with a light blanket covering him. He doesn't like blankets, like most babies. He will often sleep 2-3 hours next to his Nonna. Ah...bliss.

Jacob asleep on his mama. Don't ya love they way babies hang onto your clothes whilst they sleep?

This is Jacob just after waking up from a sleep. How gorgeous is he.


  1. Real cute, and it is so relaxing watching a baby sleeping :)

  2. How gorgeous? Super gorgeous!!

  3. Oh my goodness, he is utterly adorable!