Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Much Happier Days

Hello and welcome back to my place. A lot of things have kept me busy since I last wrote and I have the pictures to show it. There are plenty more pics in my other camera, these ones are from my iPhone as it is just that more convenient to use in a hurry. The little Fella is changing daily almost. He is getting cuter by the day and his black hair seems to be growing; in fact his mother thinks it will be curly like hers. That would be so lovely blue eyes and black curly hair.

He looks so adorable and in the bottom pic he looks like he is executing a karate move. :)
He has the most darling, soft fingers, which are long and strong. He is quite tall too, so I think he takes after my side of the family there. I love listening to the dreams and plans they have for this boy. As every parent wishes nothing but the nest for their offspring.

I have been working hard on my latest quilt project and have to report that I finished the quilt top last night. It gave me a few challenges along the way and the unpick-er was near by the whole time, but I didn't need to re-do much at all. I am pleased with the end result, although I am yet to quilt and bind it.

Above the photo shows just one of the many fiddly things one must do when making a quilt like this one. Lots of small cutting. Lot of fiddly piecing. Measure twice, even three times and then it might be okay.
Making up the twelve star blocks, tricky and you must try and be accurate. Well I did try...

Ironing after each step is really vital if you want fabric seams to sit right and it adds a more professional look to the piece. I have skipped the ironing steps and paid the price, I mean there is only so much pulling and tugging you can do in order to make pieces fit.
Okay this is a picture taken of the quilt top before I attached the two borders. I'm not sure why the pic is not a good one, it really does not show the fabric off to it's full beauty. However I am sure that once I have quilted it another photo will be taken.

And this is a pic of 'Neville', the spare cat who resides with us now as it seems his original owners have moved on and forgot to tell poor ol Nev. He is not liked by all of my family, and he can be annoying with his demands but I like him. He sits by me sometimes and sleeps. Though he does get a bit naughty and has nipped me a few times.
I am going to finish up here as I am sure there are other blogs you want to go read. A sing out to my regular readers who comment or email me. I appreciate every connection, it means a lot to me and gives me a real buzz.

Be back soon...


  1. What a lovely distraction.... the baby :)

  2. Oh, he is absolutely beautiful! And your quilt is lovely too. :-)

  3. Oh he is a real sweetie pie that grand bub of yours!

  4. What a gorgeous baby and exquisite quilt!


  5. Thanks for all of your lovely comments.

  6. I love Neville! How lucky are you to have been adopted! Oh... Bubs is cute too!

    Thanks for the quick tutorial - it's good to be reminded of the basics, they are what make a quilt!

  7. Oh Jan, that little man is absolutely beautiful. He looks so fit and healthy and so snuggable!! Gosh its a wonder you have found the time to make that absolutely beautiful quilt with him around. I know I would be so distracted!!