Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behind Closed Doors

It's a cool, breezy day today and I am not feeling that well to be honest. I have a sore head and that is not going to feel much better for a while as the bloke is using power tools. The relentless drone and high pitched squeal of the wood trimmer thingy (very technical I am) is making my ears wobble. The Bloke went into the local Bunnings yesterday and purchased a new solid wood door. We have been dwelling in this place for a little over 17 years and we have been talking about replacing the carport entry door with a more solid structure. The one that was there until about 3 hours ago was a less sturdy construct with a real dodgy doorknob. Not only was it a pain to unlock, it was quite a security risk as it was what they call an 'internal type door', originally intended to be used on the interior of a home and not as a 'keep bad people' out type door. What were the builders thinking?
Anyway, after a short discussion we located one we liked which was at a price we liked-seriously you should check out the prices of some more flasher doors!
Today was the big day. The bloke and one of my DD's removed old door, hung new door and it was then they discovered a few issues that made a reasonably simple job into much more than first thought (aren't home reno jobs always like this?). So now the bloke has to shave some of the new door down. Okay done that. Then his able assistant rushes of to a lunch time meet up with her friend. Then the bloke realises that the former door was recessed into the surrounds so he needs to now remove the bottom section of metal. Okay lots of noise here, my ears vibrating with the very loud sounds. Some swearing took place, not too bad considering, and then of course the power tool thingy breaks so it is off to the shop for a replacement. At least there is peace and quiet for an hour or so, bet the neighbors are relieved too. So I'm hoping he gets it done by night time as I wont be happy to retiring to my bed knowing that our fortress has been left unmanned.
Silly really to think this, with the amount of noise exuding from this place at night would be thieves would be to frightened to come in.
Take last night for instance. I went to bed at about 9pm. I fall asleep fairly easily once I have my Bi-pap machine on, but was woken a short time later by the sounds of our dust buster revving up under my bed! I recall asking in a Darth Vader like voice what the heck was going on. I was told it was our youngest daughter trying to scare that cats that were under our bed. The bloke wanted to shut our door, but didn't want them in the room with us! Okay, what's the problem doesn't everyone do this? At least once in their lifetime? Mm mm
Anyway, it must have disturbed my sleeping rhythm as I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. I am very tired about now.
Well to jump back to the door discussion the next thing to decide once it is hung successfully it what colour to paint it. I initially thought black would be the one, but after reading some home decor blogs it seems that black might not be the go with my style house and the existing colour scheme. So my next choice is red. Someone has suggested to not paint it and varnish it so you can see the wood. I'm not sure, as I have always wanted a striking painted entry door, just like the ones they have in those dreamy house and garden mags.
So after a whole post on a door, tell me what colour your door is and if you had your choice what colour would you paint your door?
I'll let you know when the colour is decided, and yes there will be photos too.
Alas neither the turquoise of the yellow doors belong to my abode, wish they did though.

                                                     Photo source

Till later,

[edited to add that we have chosen Kimono Red for the door, and it goes on tomorrow.]


  1. Purple. Or turquoise. That's what I would have. Neither would match our house though.

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  3. Hmmmmm. My front door is painted the same colour as my gutters. It kinda brings it all together. Could this be a possibility do you think? What colour did you decide on?

  4. PS: Like your new colour scheme you've got going on here.... Very bright and funky and fresh! :-)