Saturday, June 30, 2012

On a cold and frosty morning

Good morning 

I've been up since 4am this morning. Not sure what happened to my Bi Pap mask but something came undone and it started making screaching noises so on auto pilot I unclipped and removed it. Unfortunately I then went back to sleep. Big mistake. When I awoke again a while later it was to find my head throbbing. And now I am so tired. I guess it's not the best time to be writing a blog post, but I need to keep awake as we are hoping to go out for a drive later on this morning. 

I did an online order with Woolworths yesterday and chose the delivery time slot of 6-9am this morning. So far no show but I hope they get a move on as previously they have been late with their deliveries. In the mean time the bloke has has been getting his housework on and has so far vacuumed, changed the sheets, stacked the dishwasher and put the clothes on to wash. Of course none of this work can be carried out in silence so he puts on the C.D one of my daughters bought me a few years back. It is a compilation of up beat, energy rising tunes. Within moments he is stomping around the floor with the Dyson in hand to the boppy songs.
Aah, nothing I like more than seeing a nice, strong man with dance moves to rival John Travolta, doing such a mundane chore. I did ask him if he could slip into something more...becoming to a dancer of his physique, he told me in no uncertain terms that there was nothing wrong with his apparel of jeans and a flannel shirt!
Well just had a phone call from WW online, appears they are having trouble with their delivery truck and so my order of going to be later than planned;but at least they let me know. 
Yesterday I managed to complete another two pages for my scrapbook album. I showed it to my online scrapbook group and one lovely lady commented that she can see improvement in my work. I can't see it, but I will accept her opinion. With me I get all excited when I put all the concepts together but then something goes wrong when I lay out the page. I seem to be a little off with my final design. I think I get the colour coordination right, due to my experience with my fabric projects. Oh well I have plenty more photos to practice on.

I want to end on a happy note and tell you that this week has been a good one for me. For the first time in a very long time I have felt less pain and much stronger in my mobility. I have been able to get up and move off, in a more steady gait than I have become used too, and I have been walking to areas in the home that I usually don't do. I even plan on putting some wash on next week, after I get someone to teach me how to use the machine. Last week we had to buy a new washing machine when our old one suffered a meltdown. This one has so many buttons and settings that you almost need a pilots license to drive it. Still it is good to have a machine that doesn't beep annoyingly but rather plays a happy little tune when finished. Oh and it's not too bad on getting the clothes clean either.
So with that lot I will end and hope to be back soon for another update.

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  1. I'm so glad that you had a good week and that you're doing better. It's the small victories that count. Keep looking for them. :-)