Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some days are like this

What do you think about this little fellow? It is a little green foam frog that the bloke thought would look better if he stuck the small lights from an old torch onto it's head. These little lamps kept glowing for a few weeks. I can tell you it was quite eerie when you glanced at the fridge and noticed the glow.

Time is going by at a fast rate; for me anyway. It's not that my days are full with tasks and jobs that consume hours and hours though. To be honest I'm not even sure what I do. A bit odd you might think. I know my day starts with waking to feel tremendous pain throughout my entire body, but much worse in the lower back. This is understandable when you are the size I am and sleeping on two quilts and three pillows under your head is bound to put a body out of shape. I think the start of our cooler weather also contributes somehow. I am so stiff for at least an hour and half after I get out of bed.
Anyway, I'm sitting here on my day couch/nest and a lot of the pain has gone. I have the t.v on as I do most mornings. I like to watch the morning show Sunrise and and feel comforted by their familiar voices. Whilst this is on I turn on my ipad or laptop and check through my emails, catch all the updates on facebook  and I also visit a forum I belong too. Well that takes some time and I find it allows me to settle my self for the day. After that show finishes at 9am that is my cue to turn the t.v off and take up what ever it is I'm in the mod for that day. If it is a Tuesday like today then I will most likely start drawing and doodling trying to work out on paper what my next project will be. And Tuesday mornings my eldest sister visits me for a cuppa and a chat. After we have done that for a good while it is 12pm and time for lunch. One of my daughters prepares lunch for me and when that's eaten, and depending on the energy levels I might start sewing.

Just little things unless I have a big project I'm working on. And if I have had a bad night like I did last night then I am usually nodding on and off all day. It's terrible as I move in and out of wakefulness. I have had quite a few days like this lately because I have been experiencing some issues with my  Bipap machine. I suffer from sinus problems and when they are blocked I find it nearly impossible to wear the mask. This is not a good thing. The carbon dioxide builds up in my body and results in the afore mentioned sleepiness. And after a day of this it is soon heading toward 5pm. See, how my day can pass quickly without doing much at all. Of course there are days when I have been able to sleep properly and then the energy levels improve and I am able to create whether it is sewing, quilting or my new found addiction of scrap booking. Below is the first page completed. Quite basic, but I'm happy with it.

It's just occurred to me that I am writing this post whilst having one of those tired Tuesdays. I hope it makes sense. If it doesn't let me know, we all need a laugh now and then, and I don't mind if it's with me.

Take care people,


  1. That is *GORGEOUS* Jan. You are such a creative woman. Your post makes absolute, perfect sense to me. A lot more than my posts on my blog make sometimes! :-)

    Sorry to hear about the sinus issues, I have them too and I can only image that with your machine, it can make sleep very difficult.

    Be sure to let us know how babies and weddings and everything are coming along, and if you have made anymore of those beautiful little creatures. Believe it or not, I truly was thinking of you and your daughter today, as I am painting a portrait of my little baby nephew for my SIL. It was like serendipity to see a post from you.

    Take care and have a relaxing and hopefully uplifting day!


    1. Thanks Kate. What a nice thing to say to me,I am glad you read my blog today. I will be sure to let you know details as the times come closer.

  2. I really enjoyed hearing about your daily life. I love to know more about the everyday details of what people do, think, and how they live. It provides more insight than people realize!

    Take care and have a great day!