Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fresh fruit, chandaliers and dogs

This is the site that greeted us on our entry into the cottage we rented on my return trip to Perth for a follow up appointment. The couple who own this beautiful 1930's cottage had thought of everything to make someone feel welcomed, relaxed and at home. Cupboards stocked with essentials, fridge with bacon, eggs, juice and on it went. The lounge had the most exquisite chandelier. Add to the mix two of the largest, but friendly dogs who visited daily and sat on our doorstep looking in and you have the makings of a great little break. This place on a few acres has orchard and bush. The birds singing in the morning made me feel so fortunate that I had found it. In fact this is just the type of property I would like. Set back far enough so that when you come home it feels like you can shut the outside world out. Move about without feeling like your under scrutiny. That's what I feel living in suburbia. Oh well who knows what the future holds for us.

The following pics show that window and that gorgeous chandalier, and the reflection in the window of the chandalier

Can you see what's in the bag? If you guessed baby clothes you would be correct. I know, I am getting in early. As we were in Perth we hired a wheelchair so that the bloke could take me into the shopping centres; a rare treat for me. As we wondered through the shop I was drawn to the baby products department. I was taken by all the little sets of short and t-shirts and overalls and all in one suits. So I bought a few things. Oh dear me. Imagine if I was not so in control. There would have been a trolley full of stuff. Trouble was in my excitement I chose the sizes by the cute factor. So there are some size 00's, 000's. Yeah I am out of touch and need to talk to my nieces who have babies to see what sizes to buy. How soon we forget eh?
My daughter is doing well and is busy getting organised for the baby and her wedding. This is one of those times when I want to be healthier and be able to do the running around for her.

On another happy note the fabric I ordered from the Fabric Shack in the USA arrived today and it looks lovely. I can't remember what I had in mind when I ordered it but when I can clear the decks in my sewing space it might come back to me, and if not then I am sure there are other projects I can use.
Health wise it would seem that I am doing well. According to the specialist I saw. He wants me to go back in eight weeks for another check-up and that is okay. I feel looked after and that is important when undergoing a major lifestyle change.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but to date I have shed 20 kg's. Of course there is a long way to go until I am out of danger and I will be most pleased if I can manage it.

The Bloke had to return to work today, wish he had more days off to recoup after looking after me away from home. He is off again on Friday to drive the 1000 km's to Geraldton to pick up the stuff my daughter left behind when she relocated back home last year. Luckily it was stored at her aunties house.

That's the lot for now, I must get off here and do something to my sewing table so that I can use it for its intended purpose.
I hope you are all well and thanks for reading my ramblings. I would love to hear from you some time.

Take care,


  1. Hello Jan!

    What an incredible weight loss - way to go! A wedding and a grandbaby - lots of excitement on the cards for you Nana!



  2. I'm so happy that you are doing so well and having many good experiences in your life these days. :-) You deserve all of the joy that comes your way (and more).