Saturday, March 10, 2012

But wait there's more

Finally got my hands on some more photos taken on out recent trip to the big smoke, also known as Perth. These ones are of the bloke, the youngest daughter and the great cottage we stayed in at the foot hills of Kalamunda.
This photo was taken along the road we took on the way to Perth. We take this road instead of the Great Eastern Highway, and it feels like it gets us there quicker but really it is much of a muchness. In wetter times the fields are canvas of green and yellow-they grow canola crops along here.

This is the view when we reach York. It is a quaint little town that is becoming more popular with city people who want to escape to the country on the weekends.
I love the beautiful old houses and buildings.

This is the front of the cottage. Not such a good picture though.

These last few photos are included because I like them. The Bloke is always keen to practice his photography and I think this last pic is a beauty. What do you reckon?

The last photo was taken at Kings Park, Perth where we went for lunch on the Sunday. This is my middle daughter and her boyfriend enjoying the food. This daughter will soon graduate as an nurse. She will make a great one. The young fella's not to bad either. :)
Well I think that's enough for one post, hope to be back again soon.

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  1. I love photos of people's trips, especially of the countryside.

    I have fond memories of York as we have relatives who used to live there and farm there. Spent a few holidays out there when i was younger out on the farm (they in near Perth now) when we have come west.

    I love Kings Park, such a lovely spot.