Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am trying to post using my ipad2 and it is a little different to using my laptop, so if this ends up looking a little stranger than usual you'll know why. (Okay this is now me on my laptop as I can not figure out how to put pictures up via the ipad2).

(The following was Saturdays chat)

Today has been quieter than usual, and I never thought that was even possible as I spend many lonely, quiet days on my own. The young one was at work the old one, sorry I meant to say the bloke was out shopping and then once home he planted himself firmly in front of the Telly to watch the football, sadly his team lost.
I had a little nap, not refreshing when you have a blocked nose thanks to a head cold. Oh well its getting better I think.

Had a mini tidy up today. I have been telling the bloke that I was missing some stuff from my sewing. "What stuff" he asked. " Ahh... my sewing stuff". "like what", "um dunno but if you find some sewing stuff and then I'll know". Ha ha. Yeah I know; the logic of a goldfish!
Anyway he carted a few bags and baskets out and lo and behold what do I spy? The stuff I was missing that I could not even name, but it was a good find. My bag patterns because I have a hankering to make a bag after a friend showed me the pile she has made. And then I came across the pattern for a star quilt that I have had in my mind to try for months and months.

So after than delightful find I now need to stay awake long enough to do it.
As regular readers might know I have often written about my tiredness and not so good health. And the last two months have seen me hit the bottom of the barrel. Sleepiness so bad that I am unable to read my books, sew, since completing the last projects. I sit here on my couch nodding off all day. I have been awake since about 2am.

There are various reasons but one major one is sleep apnoea, still awaiting my appointment in November to sort that one out I hope.
But my other major issue is anaemia. I want to put in a TMI alert here in case some people don't want to read about my plumbing problems.
For many years now, I have been having trouble with my periods in that I bleed very, very heavily and can do so for months at a time. This has led me to be anaemic. I can not take the iron tablets, so a couple of weeks ago my doctor finally suggested I have an iron infusion. This is happening on Tuesday 27th, next week, and never have I been more excited to have a great ruddy cannula jabbed into my arm. :)

If it helps me I will be a very happy woman. Some other symptoms of anaemia are restless legs, extreme sleepiness, headaches, memory loss, breathlessness. I can hardly manage to walk from bed to my dining room some days. I struggle to get enough air, it truly is atrocious.

The biggest question is why hasn't this been offered to me before?
So I was just coming in to say hello and keep you up to date on my little world. I am ever hopeful that things will change for me and I can stop whingeing so much. I don't like to suffer in silence.

Take care,


  1. Do they know what is causing your heavy periods. I have endometriosis and a lazy thyroid, both cause me problems with my periods.

    I once bleed non stop for a few months from medication that was too strong (the stupid DR didn't listen to me and I didn't insist) and I ended up in hospital having a blood transfusion.

    I hope the iron infusion works well, great feeling to feel good after feeling crappy for a long time. When I have good days, not in pain etc, I am wandering around going "so this is how everyone else feels".

    Look after yourself, most important :)

  2. I'm sorry it has taken them so long to consider the transfusion as an option, however I really hope that it brings you lots of extra energy.

    My brother has sever sleep apnoea, so I understand how much this can effect your quality of life. Once he got himself sorted on his machine, he felt like a new man. He could not believe how he functioned all those years without it. I hope that it brings the same results for you! :-)

  3. Congratulations on having the courage to talk about these issues!! I am a 44yo, plus-plus-sized Australian mother of two. For longer than I care to admit I've suffered from issues like on-off heavy periods, anemia, sleep apnoea, stress incontinence etc that I'm only now doing something about. I only came across this blog (and others) because I am seeking information about my own issues. It's good to know you are not alone. I hope to communicate some more some time but having mentioned these personal issues I'm too embarrassed right now to give my email address.