Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today's Post has been bought to you by the number 47

Good morning friends. It is freezing here and I am sitting next to the heater enjoying my coffee and being I am so grateful to be able to sit here and relax whilst most others are heading off to work. The bloke is back at work today after having his four day break. On this break he and our eldest daughter travelled to Perth to attend the the football where his team the West Coast Eagles played the Sydney Swans. He has never been to an AFL game before and he loved the atmosphere and the hype and the fact that his team won.

Today I celebrate my 47th birthday and I feel blessed to be here to do so. Really I am. I used to think 47 was ancient, over the hill, past it, but in actual fact it is a new beginning. Well every day is isn't it? 

Yesterday as I spent some time reflecting, I realised that this is the first time in 47 years that I am without my dear mum. She who had been a part of every moment of my 47 years.That hit me hard. Another milestone to get through.
My family, led by the affable bloke bought me an ipad 2! Yes you read correctly, another piece off technology for me to wile away the hours with. I love it. I am so surprised that the bloke came up with the idea all on his own. I had mentioned in passing that Iiked the ipad 2, but never thought more than this. I mean it is a pure over the top luxury. I have a laptop that I use daily but this is a more mobile gadget, and it also has a GPS which is handy for when we go to places unfamiliar. And best off all it is an  e reader. I can use it to read my books in bed, once I find what I want to read that is. I am still finding my way around the thing, but lucky for me a most of my girls know what to do and show me. :)

On other news I finally finished my 20 blocks of Whimsical Garden, and when I piece them together I will post pics. Long time in coming eh?

Well gotta go now have some things I need to take care off
Talk more soon.



  1. Happy Birthday to you! I am also getting a tablet for my Birthday this year but only the generic brand one. I also want to lay in bed with it and read:)

  2. Jan:

    What s wonderful day for you. Many happy returns. Will try and catch up with you shortly. Love

  3. Thanks for your kind wishes. Had a great day.

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    You lucky thing getting an iPad - I want one!

    And it's always a good day when anyone beats the Swans (well, except maybe Collingwood!)

  5. Just wanted to say...

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jan, happy birthday to you!!"

    Lots of free ebooks for you to enjoy on your new iPad here: http://scathingweekly.blogspot.com/p/ebooks.html

    By the way, I replied to your comment too: http://scathingweekly.blogspot.com/2011/06/whats-in-box.html - thanks for stopping by!

  6. I forgot to mention: I mentioned you in today's post! http://scathingweekly.blogspot.com/2011/06/more-eat-pray-love-madness-luca.html :)