Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid week catch up

Oh it's been a bit quiet around here hasn't it? I posted last week on my birthday and since then I have been keeping busy with visits from friends, which was very special to me. One friend gave me a lovely bottle of red wine, from the gorgeous Margaret River wine region in Western Australia. I only got to taster a bit and the bloke kindly sampled the rest of the bottle, to his delight.
Well it warmed him up on a cold winters night!

Have had my sewing machine rocking up a storm the past couple of days. The Bloke had his 4 days off and I needed him to assist me with the quilt I wanted to make. I had found this pattern on the Moda Bakeshop site. I loved the fabrics she used so I ordered Sanae by Moda from my favourite quilt shop in the USA. It is truly lovely with oranges, greens, blues, browns and together they look fabulous with the stone Kona solid. And like usual this quilt has at least one Jan special designed stuff up. I work on the premise that this boo boo can be disguised by the quilting I will do, but at 83 1/2inches x 83 1/2 inches it is going to be quite a task to do this.

There  are a few reasons why I continually make to the original design. The first, as I have mobility problems and can't get onto the floor, which is necessary when laying out the blocks. The bloke is a really patient person. He needs to be to put up with my antics. :)

If I make a small quilt then I can manage them on my own, but as I said this one is a biggie. I have completed the quilt top now and need to wait for Phil to have days off again so he can pin baste it for me and then I am able to quilt it. I will be FMQ again and this time I hope to be better at it.

I hope to have this quilt and the other one finished so I can get it photographed and post it on my blog.
So I don't have any current pics and I really hate sending this blog off without one so will see what I can dig up.

Can you wait for the next update? I am sure you can, in fact I bet there are plenty of other blogs to catch up on.
What are some of your favourite blogs?


  1. Can't wait to see a photo of your finished quilt!

  2. Hi Kimmie, I am trying to get onto it as I am so slow lately. I really want to do a show and tell, it is such hard work and I feel it's a shmame too not show others. Stay tuned.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi chick, just popped over from ~lose2live~ 's blog. I do sewing (when in the mood) and love it too. I also battle the weight issues... though I don't have the problems you and Anne have. {{{hugs}}} hope you have a great weekend.