Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday on my mind

Hello friends TGIF.
To end a busy week on a lighter moment I have posted some vintage advertisements that were recently sent to me via email. Sorry I can't credit the original owner. Really these are too funny not to be shared.
Hope you can have a laugh.

On another note this week I have been busy which is good for me. I decided that I must make a new quilt for my third Daughter who we are visiting after Easter.This will be her second bed sized quilt, but my first attempt was less than pretty. So with this in mind I pulled out my lovely Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric and looked for a pattern in which to follow. After flicking through numerous magazines, books, conducting Internet searches looking for that one special "this is the one" moment I remained underwhelmed. I admit to having perfectionist tendencies and this can cause me great distress at times and actually prevents me from doing what I want. However, the sense of urgency motivated me into action and I was just itching to get stitching. And I also like slicing up the fabrics. So of I went. Yesterday I happily completed the quilt top, but don't have any photos as yet, but they will be taken over the weekend. Now for the backing fabric, which I will make this arvo, after my friends go home. Yes, I have visitors coming over after lunch-yippee.

Well just a short post today, but will be back soon.
Keep well.


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  2. Wonderful post Jan! Hope you had a good Friday. And those articles are simply amazing! Dresses for chubbies! Hard work making you cuter! I'm gobsmacked!
    I think your blog is wonderfully versatile and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:
    I'm not sure if you accept awards, but I really felt that Outside the Lines deserved this - in fact it's hard to think of a more worthy blog!

  3. Thanka Scather that is a lovely gesture. I have never had any awards for this blog and don't know much about them. Will check this out.