Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just a few of my favourite things

Happy Christmas 2014

 I wasn't going to decorate the house this year due to a lack of cheer and festive spirit. However one of my daughters came over to give me a hand to clean up and the suddenly I gave the go ahead to decorate for Christmas.
 I will admit that it cheered me a bit. My two grandsons appreciate it, even if they repeatedly try to strip the tree. At night time when the lights are turned on, they are in awe. 
Many of the houses in our street have decorated and I love to hear their expressions of pure wonder and delight. That, to me, is more than worth the effort. 

Additionally among a rush of great ideas I got hold off a twig and got The Bloke to spray pain it black.I placed small deep red hearts on it and I love the way it looked. Simple, cheap and effective.

Today's long overdue post is due to one of my daughters, Nicole, who lives away from the family wanting an update as she likes to see all that we get up to. Of course this post does not include all that we have done through the year, otherwise it would be book size. 
I have felt a few times that I might like to come and post and record what life is like for me. However most of this year I have been caught up in a heavy bout of depression.
 Things have not been good. Luckily for me, I found a GP who comes to see me at my home, and who trialed me on a new medication and increased the level until it suited my body. I will say that my moods have improved, but I have a way to go until I can call it a successful regime. I expect to still have bad days like anyone else, but my bad days stop me from enjoying the day to day stuff and my family fully. Depression sucks!

However, interspersed in the dark patches are spots of bright cheer.
I am talking about my furniture painting obsession. Yep, I'm still at it. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is my medium and I like nothing better than buying a cheap piece of furniture or whatever it is I want to make over and slapping this chalky goodness over it and waxing it to a smooth, velvety touch. Oh this heaven to me. It has helped me from loosing my mind entirely.
I can go weeks, even months without touching a paint brush, but when I get the energy surge I am all go-go-go. Paint going all over the place and I even got some on my brown leather lounge last time. Oops!
Luckily it comes off in water, another great thing about this type of paint. By the way I am not paid to say nice things about this paint.

The green table below is one I bought from a fellow furniture painter. I just love it as is painted in two of my favourite colours. ASCP Versailles and ASCP Old White.

The next pictures are an old Kitchenette I bought from someone who was going to restore it but changes their mind. I cleaned it thoroughly and then with lots of help from The Bloke painted it in ASCP Old White. Nothing dramatic, not distressing as I am sure over time it will develop the look without my help. I just have to get something to line the inside bottom shelves as they despite cleaning are too sticky and yukky to use. This cupboard is now in my new bathroom to hold all out towels and stuff.

The next photo is the small dining table that I use as my desk. I sit here all day and do everything here. It's a crafting table, meeting place for friends, holder of all things that don't have a home. My computer sits on it. I love it. The photo doesn't show it properly as it looks quite patchy here, but is actually pretty good.

The next photo, sorry for the blur, is am old gold coloured mirror that I painted old white. It lives next to my bed until we find the right place for it.

Now, this is a great little stool I recently bought and haven't had time to paint. I am going to paint it white on top and leave the bottom black. If some where down the track I change my mind, then I will slap some Versailles on it.

Final pic shows a table and chairs I bought very cheap months ago. I was unsure what to do with it. Now I am going to paint the chairs in old white, recover the seats, and use them in my lounge at a round table that I have had for ever. This table is sitting on my side veranda, waiting for me to decide what I will do with it. I might even sell it as is.

So there you have it. I wish everyone a lovely festive season and a very happy new year.


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