Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pieces of Cloth

I have finished the quilt for my nephew Andrew. I had previously made one for his mum and sister and Andrew had liked them too. So much so that when his parents left on a 6 month camping holiday, he hid my sisters quilt so he could use it!  She had wanted to take it with her on the trip.

It is rough and ready and would not pass some quilters inspections but nevertheless I love it. I had asked my sister for some old winter shirts to undertake this project late last year. The bag of shirts had sat forlorn in my sewing room until about a month or so again when inspiration struck and I began with wild abandon to slice and dice the said shirts. I tried to make the pieces straight, but I wasn't concerned if they went wobbly-it added to the character. I used parts of the sleeves and the body of the shirt and then in another sudden rush of design madness, decided to attach three pockets, so he could put his mobile in or a chocolate or even the remote control.
I have read about and seen some early day Australian quilts made by people living in the bush and they made them from old jumpers, coats and any other cloth they could get their hands on. They called them Wagga's, so dare I claim to have made my version of a wagga?

I even managed to sew them all the right way up too. I gave it to him on Sunday and he liked it. I hope he enjoys it.
The Bloke took the photos and he tried hard to present it in the best light and he did a great job I think.

I did have more photos to put up on other subjects but something weird has occurred to my photo library and I need to ask one of the girls to help me sort it out.

I hope to be back soon with more chat.


  1. I love it, it looks awesome :)

  2. Just stunning -You are such a talented lady!

  3. That looks absolutely *FANTASTIC*!

    I'm sure he more than likes it...