Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello Candice

                                             This bird pic has nothing to do with this post, but I love it.

Hello dear friends. I have been prompted by a young friend to update my blog so here we go. I have considered shutting down my blog for some time, as for the past 12 months or so I have not been regularly writing and sharing as much as I used to or want to. Writers block, depression- call it what you may, but the end result was I thought I didn't have anything relevant or interesting to say. Sure, my fourth daughter who lives far, far away loves reading my blog to glimpse life 'at home', but we do also talk on the phone almost daily. I know readers of blogs like seeing pictures, and I love a blog with great pictures, but my photography skills are still not great. Most of the photos used here come via my mobile phone, which I am still learning to use. Although in saying that 'the bloke' does take some fairly good pics that I have included.
I originally created my blog in an attempt to hone my writing skills and in the process gain feedback. What I found was that I had some great responses but no constructive critique. I realise now that this is probably not the right forum to gain that, and my audience far too small. However, after saying all that I will still blog occasionally, dependent of course on energy levels, and if I have something worthy of writing. 
 With all that said I have come here today because I do have some things I want to share. 
Recently I have been inspired by a great group of women who are creative and arty and who have been mentoring me in the art of card making and scrapbooking. 
Usually I lack natural confidence to give new things a try but as I have aged I am more inclined to give things a go, and see if I like it. Well I do like it. A lot. Pretty card. Pretty papers. Little trinkets and do-dads. I love it all. My last blog post showed some layouts I am doing for my grandson. I am up to the 9 month stage now! How time has flown on by. 
I am pleased to report that I entered my very first card swap last week. I am still surprised I did it. I have found that I am not good with deadlines, and this task involved a group of 12 of us each making 12 cards then sending them to the person organising the swap who would then divide the cards into 12 piles and send us 12 different cards each. I created mine in one day. At first I tried to get a bit too flash and the cards did not look 'right' so then I used the KISS method. Keep it Simple scrapper. Simple is best for me. I have seen so many blogs with talented artists  and their cards are amazing, but really not for my skill set at this stage of the game. 
I was quite pleased with the results and continued on to make a few more for my own personal supply. Generally I am not a card giver, but I do need to do this for some beautiful people in my life. I know a card cannot thank them enough for what they bring to my life, but it is a token of my appreciation. Crikey I can blather on. Below are pics of some of my cards. I am sorry that I don't have them in a collage format, but I don't now how to do it. A lesson for another time.

                                                               This is the inside of the above card

So there you go, hope you liked seeing my cards and if you want to come visit in a few days I am hoping to have a post about the quilt I made for my friend's cousin. 

Take care


  1. Your cards are works of art, Jan. They resonate with me as I think my life is based on the moto "KISS" - from the cooking I do, to the sewing, knitting, crochet - the only think that possibly isn't 'KISS' is my biscuiting.
    Blogging should be fun - you should do so, only when you are inspired - I am quickly learning this with my own, lol...

  2. They are really cool! You know Jan, something I really admire about you is your perseverance. You just keep on keeping on - even when it is hard and things go to shit and it would be easier just to give up. But not you, you keep on going. I love that about you. I am so glad I have got to know you and I am proud to call you my friend. x

    1. Bri, thank you so much. You make me feel validated.

  3. Jan, what absolutely beautiful cards you have made. They are great and it is so fantastic how much you enjoy making them. I once thought about taking up scrapbooking but realised I would probably end up with a huge stash of all the lovelies and nothing made. Unfortunately my enthusiasm for making things comes and goes and at the moment it seems to be gone longer than it is around. So frustrating cause all I do is sit and watch television or lie on the bed and read. As you know it is so hard to keep the momentum at times and it makes me feel so guilty. I know I shouldn't feel that way but I do. I feel lazy.
    As far as your blog goes, I have decided I only do mine for myself now but I still read everyone's blogs when I can, so just do it when you want too. Any pressure you put on yourself just makes it so much harder. Do it for you, no one else.
    I will look forward to reading it whenever you feel like saying something.
    Be happy and look after YOU! XX