Thursday, October 25, 2012

Post Wedding Roundup

Hello. It's five days post wedding and life for me is returning to normal. Such a big event is both physically and emotionally draining. Usually I am quick to cry but I tried hard not to get too teary, and I did well. On the morning of the big day I was wide awake at 3 am  This was not good as I knew I would be very tired by early evening. The girls all went to have their and make-up done and I was left at home getting my hair done by my hairdresser. Once they arrived home the photographer arrived to start snapping pictures. And then it was time for me to get dressed as I was going to the venue before all the girls did. The bloke also dressed in his newly purchased outfit and he did look dapper in his attire. On arriving at the beautiful gardens we soon realised that the area chosen for the ceremony was in full sun and would be too hot. This was fixed quickly by moving chairs to a lovely spot under the wide spreading, shady tree.
As family and friends gathered for the nuptials there was excitement and nerves in the air. The groom was feeling a little emotional and nervous, and I knew once my daughter, his bride arrived he would be teary. Once the celebrant started the 'walking down the aisle' music all heads turned to watch as first the bridesmaids then the beautiful, elegant bride on the arm of her proud father swept down the lovely stone path.
The lead bridesmaid, my second eldest daughter, carried baby Jacob in her arms, and gave him to his father, the groom. That made me teary; that little boy has that affect on me.
As we all watched the bride walk to her groom my heart swelled with pride. The bride looked exquisite in her simple but elegant off the shoulder dress. Lace around the neckline and little beads scattered across the dress. It also had a small train which looked superb. Her natural beauty shone through.The bridesmaid dresses looked great, with the various shades of dark and pale purple. Purple and ivory were used as the theme.

The marriage ceremony was meaningful as the couple had chosen their own vows.
The weather was perfect. It was like we had dialed in the weather conditions.

The food was lovely and consisted of roast beef and pork, roasted potato and pumpkin,  beef lasagna, fettuccine carbonara and a Greek salad. Dessert was a mini pavlova or trifle. The dancing was great to watch and I admit to feeling left out at not being able to dance, though the others did a good job. Many of the younger people were flinging their arms and legs around and having a ball.
By the time we got home it was midnight and I was very tired.
The wedding was so  much better than I imagined and most importantly the happy couple were pleased with it. So what a year this has been so far. In August I become a first time grandma and now two months later I am a mother-in-law.
Life really does go full circle.
Hope you enjoy the photos. Yes that's me with the bloke in the last pic. I am really not happy at my pictures, but wanted to add it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Eve of the Wedding

It's 3am on the eve of our eldest DD's wedding. For some reason I found myself wide awake at this ridiculously early hour, on a day that is going to be very full on. As I sit here at my table, in a house that is still very quiet, my mind runs through the days events. Breakfast, before the bloke has to run off and attend a work place safety meeting. Then he is home to collect me and all the decorations and props needed to set up for the wedding. Of we go with all of our girls and the groom to set up. He is stressing that it will take longer than he has time for. We tell him no, once our girls are in action it will be done in no time. Then home again to get cars washed. In the meantime I will be looking after our grandson, with his mum needing to do various other chores. Somewhere in all this we need to make a dessert to take with us tonight as we are going to my sisters place for a BBQ. I'm really excited about this because we will be meeting up with my extended family who have travelled up for the wedding. Whew! There is a whole lot more going on of course, but I won't list it all here.
I think it's going to be a multiple coffee day for me, I don't have the energy to get through it otherwise. Of course, I won't have to do the donkey work, as I will have to use my wheelchair, my role will be chief baby sitter and director of productions. Great jobs I think.
I know there will be tears on the day, I've been quite emotional for the past week or so. I will take my sun glasses, to help disguise my tears.
As my mind roams through the twenty seven years of memories I have with my daughter, I feel so proud of this young woman and all her achievements. She is a very caring, determined, capable, clever person. She is laid back and takes things in her stride, and is calm in the face of high drama. She takes after her dad in this regard, and I'm glad. Tomorrow as she stands with her partner with their two month old baby in his arms, I know the bloke and I and her for sisters will be wishing them a happy, long life together. With all our loved ones and friends watching on, the scene is set for a very special sharing of love. Oops, got to go, my eyes are leaking again.
I will return after the wedding with a few pictures.

Wish us luck.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Nearly Time

                                                               Pinterest photo source

It's been a while since I wrote, but this blog will let you know some of the things I have been up to. Overall, there has been the wedding stuff to work on. That is the final numbers, menu choices, drink choices, decorations and on and on. Of course a late venue change added a little extra tempo to the preparations. The venue my daughter has had booked for months, called her two weeks out from the wedding to say they had just realised that there was another event occurring on the same day, but this wouldn't interrupt the wedding. We couldn't believe it, but then again they had not been the easiest people to get along with. The bride and groom to be decided that they were not happy with this situation and so my daughter & I started thinking of alternative venues. Despite this being a popular month for weddings, we were fortunate that another venue was available and with prompt action the it was booked, menu chosen, monies paid. We are so lucky that our daughter is a placid, calm person, as she did not throw a tantrum or dissolve into tears which a lot of other brides might have. I think I was more stressed.
All through the days of planning, making, and all other things involved in organising a wedding I have been able to spend many hours with my darling grandson. He is a happy kid, and developing into a real cute character. He loves me singing to him and he loves listening to The Seeker's, Morning Town Ride. It usually calms him down and he goes to sleep. We make up a little nest next to me on my couch or he goes into his bassinet, which has been bought to our house for his use.

He is a most cherished child, and is responding very well to us. He smiles, giggles s little, burps loudly and easily, yawns quite loudly too, just like his Pop (The Bloke). I must add that Pop has really taken to this baby boy. He goes out to their car when he hears them pull into the driveway and he always has his arms open for a cuddle. My sister had told me that having grand-kids would be the best thing in the world, and they weren't wrong.
So be sure to check back in a couple of weeks or sooner as I will post some wedding pics and a commentary on how things went. I'm feeling a little anxious as it will be my first official outing in my wheelchair in my own home town, wish me luck.

Until next time,