Friday, October 19, 2012

Eve of the Wedding

It's 3am on the eve of our eldest DD's wedding. For some reason I found myself wide awake at this ridiculously early hour, on a day that is going to be very full on. As I sit here at my table, in a house that is still very quiet, my mind runs through the days events. Breakfast, before the bloke has to run off and attend a work place safety meeting. Then he is home to collect me and all the decorations and props needed to set up for the wedding. Of we go with all of our girls and the groom to set up. He is stressing that it will take longer than he has time for. We tell him no, once our girls are in action it will be done in no time. Then home again to get cars washed. In the meantime I will be looking after our grandson, with his mum needing to do various other chores. Somewhere in all this we need to make a dessert to take with us tonight as we are going to my sisters place for a BBQ. I'm really excited about this because we will be meeting up with my extended family who have travelled up for the wedding. Whew! There is a whole lot more going on of course, but I won't list it all here.
I think it's going to be a multiple coffee day for me, I don't have the energy to get through it otherwise. Of course, I won't have to do the donkey work, as I will have to use my wheelchair, my role will be chief baby sitter and director of productions. Great jobs I think.
I know there will be tears on the day, I've been quite emotional for the past week or so. I will take my sun glasses, to help disguise my tears.
As my mind roams through the twenty seven years of memories I have with my daughter, I feel so proud of this young woman and all her achievements. She is a very caring, determined, capable, clever person. She is laid back and takes things in her stride, and is calm in the face of high drama. She takes after her dad in this regard, and I'm glad. Tomorrow as she stands with her partner with their two month old baby in his arms, I know the bloke and I and her for sisters will be wishing them a happy, long life together. With all our loved ones and friends watching on, the scene is set for a very special sharing of love. Oops, got to go, my eyes are leaking again.
I will return after the wedding with a few pictures.

Wish us luck.


  1. I hope it is a beautiful day - good luck to all! :-)