Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lots of News

Hello. A bigger gap between posts than I intended. I have been pleasantly busy and the rest of the time very tired. Even now I am struggling to keep my eyes open. This is not what I expected when I got my BIPAP machine. I thought I would be sleeping better quality sleep for longer but to date this is no happening. One night I even slept through the night. Well that is what I thought. One morning I woke up to find my mask placed neatly on top of the machine. Do not remember doing that at all. :)

Actually there are many things happening that I do not recall. It is worrying me too. I get my words all mixed up and come out with some odd words. I forget so much, and it has an impact on all our lives.
Not sure if this means some brain cells have been killed off permanently or not. 

So although I have cranked up my sewing machine again there has not been too much being done. I am trying to compete the 8 placemats for my DD. 

On other things my doctor has been doing plenty of blood tests, ECG's, oxygen level checks and so on and is pleased to report that they all look good. I also had some special test to see how how my heart is doing after it's recent ordeal. That test showed that things are pretty good there too. Not bad for a fatty I told her. Yes she agreed. :)

So apart from mysterious red, blistery skin on the right leg I have been given the health tick of approval. Although the doc will continue to monitor me for the time being. 

Now onto some very exciting news. Our eldest daughter A (pictured above) is being married this October to her fiance B. We have been planning and costing and doing all the things one needs to do at such a time. 

However, the excitement ramped up recently when they announced that they were expecting a baby! That's right. I am going to become a Nana, and the bloke will be a Poppy. :) To say I am excited is an understatement.
I do so love babies. Guess that's why I had five of my own.

Now the baby is due in August, and the wedding was planned for October. At first they talked of postponing the wedding until the following year, however they agreed that they would go ahead with the October date and the baby will be a lovely addition to their wedding day. Oh I am just about jumping out of my skin in pure delight here.

How could live get any better than this? 
The other four girls are the bridesmaids to their sister and the youngest has already decided that has decided that she will carry the little bub down the ailse.

I am at a loss as to what I can wear to the wedding. As most know it is not easy finding clothes to fit me and add to that the desire to wear something suitable for the mother of the bride and I reckon I am going to be quite sad. This is just another example of  the issues faced by the large in society. I do like the look of the dress underneath. It is the right colour and all.
If there are any talented dressmakers out there please email me.

Anyway, think this is enough excitement for one post. I will try to post some more soon.

Until then take care,



  1. Congratulations on the double dose of great news! I'm so glad for you to have such happiness in your life.

    I don't know if this will help you, but there is a clothing selling called Holy Clothing which sells very large size clothing (up to 5x) which may be an answer for you. The dresses are very reasonably priced and some are nice enough to be wedding dresses. Their page on Facebook shows many large-size women getting married in them. If their higher sizes fit you, it may be a good answer to what the mother of the bride can wear.

  2. Woo hoo! How terribly exciting to hear your wonderful news, Nana. :-)

  3. Thanks for the help will check that site out SFG.

    Thanks Kate I am so excited. Will be sharing the pics as we go along.

  4. I was also oing to mention Holy Clothing, there clothes look fantastic, and awesome news about the wedding and baby :)

  5. Thanks Jackie. I checked the holy clothing site out but their largest size wont fit me. I will email them though and see if they can make bigger sizes.

  6. Congratulations!! A wedding AND a baby, what momentous occasions coming your way.

    I did see a site somewhere that custom made to any size, I'll see if I can find it again for you.