Friday, April 11, 2014

Warning on the Hazards of Scrapbooking

            Well I am here to report that 'Scrap-booking' can be hazardous to your health!

After much deliberation I asked my DD to bring some of my stuff to me so that I could spend the day scrapping and possibly making a few cards. All was going well too, I had two pages completed when the urge to use the loo arose. As I stood up my foot trod on a piece of card that I had dropped earlier (and I forgot about). Next thing I was going down.
Wow, it scared me as I am terrified of breaking bones as I am unable to have surgery.
I shouted for my DD who called my DH who had to drive in from a mine site-not happy.
My other DD turned up and she rang the Ambulance service as I am unable to get up due to my mass. Of course they had to call the fire brigade. 
All up there were two ambulance officers and four fire officers. I was hot with shame, embarrassment, and seeing such gorgeous hunks of men in uniform. I think it must be a job requirement that these men must be good looking and charming.
Anyway they used this blow up mattress type of gadget and had me in a sitting position very quickly. The next step was for me to walk to my wheelchair and sit down, however as I got up and took a step, my foot stood on one of the straps and slid a little. I automatically flung my left arm out to grab anything I could to steady myself.
Imagine my mortification when I looked up to see my hand clutching the crotch of the cute fire fighter! Ooh my cheeks are red even writing that. Oh no, I apologised profusely and he said he was fine. Shame oh shame.

It's okay to laugh, I did after the event was all over.


  1. "Imagine my mortification when I looked up to see my hand clutching the crotch of the cute fire fighter!'

    Well haven't you had an interesting week! ;)

  2. How frightening for you Jan and yes as you say I can imagine your embarrassment when grabbing onto your fire fighter. I bet he is going to be given a hard time about that incident for many days to come by his work mates.
    Pleased you are okay though. Next time don't take the scrapbooking quite so seriously!