Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's Hot out Here

Hello again. Two blog posts in one week-what is happening to me? I am only able to blog when my mind and body decides to work together for an all too brief time. It has been very hot here in Western Australia over the past weeks as we can expect with it being summer.
 My body takes an extra pounding when the heat and humidity bathe our outback city in it's steamy blanket. It makes it harder to breath for me and is not pleasant at all. The straight out heat is more easily tolerated by me, providing I don't move too much. So apart from reading numerous blogs, Facebook status's I tend too sit in my comfy chair and nod off. 

Today was a good day though as early in the morning my eldest daughter visited with her two small boys and I enjoyed the cuddles and watching my older grandson play and dance and follow his aunt all over the house. 

On my active days I might sew or paint. Painting furniture is my newest love. I have just about run out of objects to paint, but there is one six drawer cane shelf that I will be rejuvenating soon, maybe even this weekend as one of my daughters has the time off and she is a great support and really encourages me to give things ago. In fact she is so committed that she actually asked me to show her how to use the sewing machine and proceeded to machine quilt some straight lines on a rather large project I have had in the pipeline for some time. She is amazing I tell you. Mind  you her two younger sisters are handy on the paintbrush over the Christmas break and they both chipped in to paint the bed for me. The bloke too the pictures for me which I appreciate but styling the scene is not his thing, and the light was not in his favour either, but it will give you an idea. It have just noticed that there are waxing strokes on the foot board of the bed. They are not so noticeable in real life, but they sure show up in a photo. Looks like some work for me to do. 
In case your interested the paint I use is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the colour is Duck Egg Blue. Love it!
You might also be wondering about the bare concrete floor. Our carpet was very worn and stained and it was driving me crazy. Our bedroom has a sliding glass door that we access the side veranda through. On the veranda we store excess 'stuff' and we also have a spare clothes line when we need it, hence the thoroughfare gets a work out. We decoded not to put carpet down again and chose to put laminate flooring on the floor instead. We have that flooring stored under the bed. 
When the bloke gets a week off from work he will install it. Yay!

Well that's enough of my rambling for the day, hope to be back here soon.


  1. Very pretty! I really like the colour - peaceful and tranquil - perfect for your bedroom.

    1. Thanks Kate, I love the colour too.

  2. OMG I am in love so much with that bed, the colour is gorgeous :)