Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings


It's 8.14 am on a Monday morning and I am undecided how I will play this day. I have had one lovely coffee, via the local coffee shop as our coffee machine has thrown a wobbly and will not produce its nectar. Sigh...I really don't want to buy a new one but if things can not be resolved I will have too. It costs at the very least $5.50 for a small coffee at my preferred coffee place. Sometimes I need two a day but at that price I limit myself to one.
 I can not drink instant coffee. 
A good coffee is one of my vices that I will not give up.
I was very pleased to wake up this morning at see that it was 6 am. For quite a while now I have been waking at 2 am or 3 am and getting out of bed and sitting up until I drift off on my lounge chair. I will go back into bed but then the pain and major effort of getting up starts all over and so I avoid it if possible. 

In eighteen days three of our daughters will depart for a two month European holiday. They are very excited and months and months of planning have gone into this trip. Everything is booked and paid for and all they need to do is get on the right planes and enjoy. I have mixed emotions. On one hand I envy them for being so carefree and going to places I have dreamed about. I also worry as they will be so far from home should anything go wrong. I am also happy that they get to do follow their dreams. The house will be very quiet without them and the bloke and I will be on our own-the first time in over twenty eight years. This alone is a daunting thought. Will we cope? What will our days look like? Wont have to consider other peoples meal ideas, just do what ever we want.
I know that our little grandson will miss them greatly. He is always excited to see them when he comes here and just loves it when they play with him.

In other news I have been more involved in the household recently. I have been involved in more cooking than usual, with help from others of course and yesterday I managed to mop the floors whilst sitting in my wheelchair. I just washed backwards using my feet to propel myself backwards. My calf muscles became tired quick and I started getting cramps due to them not being used much. I was satisfied with my work and intend to tackle some work in the kitchen this week. 
I lack confidence in my abilities within the house. Being unable to stand for long I have become so used to sitting on my lounge brooding over my loss instead of exploring      other ways to accomplish tasks. Mind you I only got my wheelchair last year. As time goes on I hope to become reacquainted with many of the necessary household chores.
Well that's it for today. I will return soon. 

                                   Picture from last October, just so you can remember who is writing this blog. 


  1. Hi Jan

    Our Rhiannon has just returned from a 6 week UK/Scotland then Europe trip. Your girls will have the time of their lives no doubt.
    That is a lovely photo of you, I love your top!



    1. Thanks Kimmie, I reckon the girls will have the times of their life. They are also visiting Scotland and going to see the Lion King stage show.

  2. Oh....believe you and me it won't take long before you get used to not having the girls around and do absolutely anything you want!!