Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Chatter

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Well Friday is here again. I'm not sure why but I like Fridays. It could be from when I was a working girl and it signal led the end of the week and the start of time off to be spent relaxing, catching up with family, BBQ's, seeing the bloke.
But even though I have not worked for a few years I still get a little buzz. :)
I got out of bed for the second time at 9 am today, after an earlier arising at 4 am. It feels quite luxurious to lie their drowsy and drifting off to sleep just because I can.

DD is still asleep, she was watching movies all night. Wish she would wake up, I want some company, had enough of myself now.

The week has gone quite quickly, and this week I had a nice surprise when an old friend, who I haven't seen for approx. 14 years came to visit. We caught up on the kids, she has three, and are similar ages to mine. She doesn't look any older than when I last saw her. We will now keep in contact thanks to Facebook and mobile phone. Boy do I love technology, it makes it so easy to stay connected.
I received news from my doctor yesterday that my vitamin D levels are now within normal range at 60. :) previously they had been below 20. I was pleased as I have been taking vitamin D supplements for about 9-10 months I think, and now I have proof that they can and do work.

Not that I'm feeling tops yet, but that is due to the other major problem.

Oh and one very special event occurred on Monday. My nephew and his wife welcomed the arrival of a son. Older brother Kye was pretty excited to get a brother too. I made this orange, zoo animal quilt for the baby.

The quilt I made for the new baby

Okay I will end it here as I am getting weary again. Talk to you all soon. Oh and if you can do me a favour and leave a brief comment as I would love to know if anyone reads my blog, come on don't be shy. :)


  1. I read, I do. :-)

    I'm just very bad at commenting!

    And I'll be replying soon to your letter!

  2. Hey that's okay dear lady. Look forward to your generous letters :)

  3. That is a *beautiful* quilt. What a lucky little boy! Congratulations Aunty Jan. :-)

  4. I'm bad at commenting too. I will do my best to improve! Love the quilt Jan!!!

  5. Gorgeous quilt. I love the colours, I'm orange mad ATM & am thinking of painting the family room bright orange.Glad to hear your vitamin D is back to normal.