Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy to announce that the quilt that I have been creating for my eldest daughter is complete. This project was started a few months ago but due to various things the progress ahs been slow.
I think it is a stunner.
It has a few booboos (is that even a word?)in it, which seems to be my style, but its still gorgeous and she loves it.
Bright, cheery fabrics simply cobbled together, with a dotty finish to it.
Such bliss.

Another few pics of the little piece I completed some time ago now, just hadn't put the photos up. This is something I made by using my little bits of scraps. I hate wastage of any sort. But when it comes to fabric then I am more inclined to think up some little project for them babies :) for this one all I did was prepare some batting and backing fabric and then took little scraps of fabric and place them in a way that I found pleasing. It is such a fun thing to do actually, a little like a puzzle. I alo cut some scraps smaller to fit in better, and in this project found that smaller is actually better. Then once I had it all laid out I glued the pieces on then set the machine up to do free motion quilting and I was away. This was a great project to use scraps, make a usefull item and to also practise my free motion quilting. I used monofilament thread for the very first time and I was rather happy with it too. I had so much fun that I am about to do it all again soon, real soon.
The binding is another leftover and it a fabric I love, love, love. it has birds on it and I am rather partial to bird fabrics.


  1. Finally you updated your blog! Great quilting mum, i have been sleeping with my quilt on at night and its been keeping me so warm!. Miss you and love you.