Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I know some people who want to see a few of the cards I have made over the year. There are all sorts of cards and some better than others. I never stop learning how to do things and some things I am improving at and still have much more to learn.

The following two photos show my recent projects-fan cards. My dear old friend A-M sent me some die cuts and clear instructions on how to make them. I was so happy with them that I ordered the dies myself so I can make more. The dies are Marianne Designs Creatables-LR0264. You will need to buy the fan die and the stand die. I bought mine online from Craftie Cafe, the best price I could find. Free delivery.

Okay, I hope to be able to write more during the coming months.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Crafting keeps me sane


One of my daughters wrote to me this morning to let me know someone had left a comment on my last blog post. I have been away from this space for a long time. Not much to say, even though a lot has been going on, although when I say a lot, it is really daily life stuff. 
There have been many, many dark months and my words seized up inside me. However when there is some light in my days I am able to function a little better and things feel good. 
One thing keeping me sane, is craft. Previously, I wrote about making pocket letters and I am still obsessed with making pocket letters. I have included the link to the creator of the pocket letter idea. 

Below are just a small sample of those I have done or am in the process of finishing. 

 A dear arty friend gave me this picture and I had to turn it into a pocket letter (PL). It is not finished as I need to work out what to do with the rest of the pockets. 

This PL was for a swap I was in and I kept it very simple, and was able to show that you can make lovely, crafty PL's without spending a lot of money. It still came up okay and I enjoyed putting it together. I, like many other crafters, love using washi tape-the world needs more washi tape!

This lovely PL was made for a swap and the theme was spring. I had just the products to make such a PL. I loved this paper and it was the perfect fir for this theme. I also love, love using stickles-which is a glitter glue stuff that really adds a sparkle wherever it goes. Love me some stickles.

This photo shows some of my approximately 45 PL's I have made. I store them in a large 3 ringed binder, and need to get another as it is full. 

The PL below is one that I really love. I love all my PL's, but this one really grabbed me as it was a time when I really got adventurous. I kept it for a while and then felt the need to share the beauty and sent it to a member of my swap group. She liked it. 

I will admit that the papers I choose are the start of all my pocket letters. I guess there would be many like me in that regard. However, after the paper is chosen the challenge for me is where to go with it. Rarely do I plan a PL from start to finish-instead I make it up as I go, of course many others will do this too. 
I will stop here and prepare another blog post soon to talk more about crafting and other things. Have I got you intrigued? Mmm, I doubt it. 


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pocket Letters

Keeping in touch just got a whole let prettier

Recently, I was introduced to a new concept on the art of pen pal writing. This 21st century invention involves a plastic nine card holder, often used for collecting baseball cards, and small pretty pieces of paper 'blinged' up to the delight of both the maker and the recipient. These cute little pieces can be embellished with anything one can imagine. I was told that if you can scrapbook then you can create these delightful packages. Once you make a pocket letter, as they are called, you can look for a swap partner. I did this by joining a small Australian group, run through Facebook.
Of course like many things I love, once I start I keep on making them. However, I have done just three swaps. It is a fun way to meet new people and you can decide with the swap partner whether you want to continue on swapping or if it was a once off event.
I have included photos of two of my pocket letters, and you will notice that there is a front and a back to them. In the back you can include little odds and ends as you desire. This is not necessary, but adds to charm and pleasure for the recipient. Oh and importantly is the 'letter', which is slipped into one of the pockets. Most pocket letter makers include a tea bag so their partner can enjoy a cuppa.

Additionally, I have been ordering craft product to make these pocket letters and to add to my immense collection of beautiful papers. Addiction?

The photo below shows another habit of mine-adult colouring books. I came across these about 2 years ago and now there is a mass influx of these type of books everywhere. The selling point is the 'mental health' benefits as it helps people to de-stress, calm down, be more mindful, live in the moment. I feel that these would have been helpful in my days working as a counsellor. "Here, take this book, it will help you heaps". I will say it has been quite calming for me at times.

So that is a little crafty update from me.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pocket Positives

                                              Rusty African Chimes hanging in our almond tree

What do you write? When you feel shut down. Something? Anything? No, who is going to bother reading? I wonder if I am making sense. Maybe to myself, but not too others. 
Being in a dark place for much longer than is acceptable. Not acceptable to me and not to those in my life. Seeking professional help, that doesn't 'fix' the problem. Feeling alone with the Big Black Dog. Scary at times. Tiring, all the time. Debilitating. However, there are bright moments among these dark days and for that I am grateful. 
The moments can form a collective of pockets, which I can delve into at times when the mood strikes. Yes, a lovely pocket of positives. 
Moments such as discussing craft products with like minded women in craft groups. Finding out where to buy the newest, prettiest paper or ephemera. Sharing the funnier side of life and being able to laugh and chuckle freely-I love that. I was a person who laughed a lot. However, nowadays it takes a bit longer. 
The camaraderie, is a salve for wounded soles. 
Supporting other women as they go through life with all of its ups and downs.

                                                              Flowers in the front garden

Life throwing us curved balls. Taking away the people we love. People hurting the ones we love. 
On we go...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Just a few things

The above quote helps explain why I am not a regular writer on my blog anymore.

However, I am updating the blog so I don't have to see the Christmas post and be hit in the face by my slackness. I thought that I would begin by showing a few of the things that I have been doing since the last post. Of course this is not the sum total of that period, but just a bit that I have photos for. First up is a dish that I made in my new 5 in 1 cooking pot thingy. I found the recipe on a Facebook page set up for the discussion of these cookers. I have made it twice to great delight. I was impressed that something I made turned out. It's called Creamy, chicken, tomato and bacon rigatoni. If anyone reads this blog still and would like to give it a go let me know. I used the slow cooking option and it cooks quite quickly, although not as quick as the original recipe stated, however I did increase the ingredients so that is why.

This photo is of the beautiful moth orchid given to me by my daughter Katie. I love it, but as I told her I have black fingers and worried it would die. At this point one has lost all of its flowers but they are both alive.

This beautiful journal was given to me by my dear friends A. She knows how to select just the right gift. I truly treasure this and have not written in it. I wont until I can decide what is the best thing to do it justice. I did think about using it as a quote keeper. You know when you come across a quote or saying that really resonates with you. Yep, think this is gonna be the book for that. I also have some pretty markers, pens, washi tapes to compliment it. This journal has the added bonus of smelling like coffee. The maker of this book dyed some of the paper with coffee and so it is infused into the pages. Mmmmm :) I would really like to have a go at making a journal from scratch so will look out for some materials to do so.

This pic is small, sorry but it is a diary I ordered to use this year. Despite warnings from some friends, I went ahead and bought an A5 size. Not big enough! I liked it though as I could get it personalised with my name and could choose the cover. Next years diary will be at least A4.

Tonight some friends are coming to visit me. After two years or more chatting online and corresponding the 'old fashioned' way I get to meet my friend A-M and her man. Will report back after the event when I have recovered.

Till then

Do something you love