Monday, November 29, 2010

Memory Craft 6600 Professional

Image courtesy of Janome web site

I am happy to introduce my newest acquisition. I have long coveted this machine since first seeing it on numerous sewing & quilting blogs. Everyone raved about it and the things it can do. I thought that I would not get to own one due to the cost, but a recent small winfall and a subsequent Christmas sale saw me ordering one.
I had my SIL pick it up from my preferred dealer, approx. 700km's away last week and she returned home with it yesterday. The Bloke gave me a hand to unpack it this morning and I am amazed.
It is a beauty.
But until I study the manual I will not touch it, as I am thinking that the super fast speed might see me sewing my fingers and that is not something I want. I am alergic to pain.
It is heavier at 12 kg than my previous machines so my muscles will get a work out.
I am still trying to finish quilts that need to be completed for xmas as they are gifts. Tablerunners, and napkins also need to be started.
I do it all the time leave things to the last minute, then work like a mad thing getting things done. Crazy I tell you.
So until I have some more news to tell you including pictures will say bye for now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Short Break at the coast

Banksias on Pink Lake

Sunset at Pink Lake

Twilight Beach
Hello. Did you like these pictures? I think they are great, The Bloke took them, he is practicing his photographic skills. I think he gets better all the time. As I said we have had a small break at the coast, we drove down Friday morning and had a nice relaxing break, not doing much, reading, sleeping, touristy stuff, eating, breathing in the fresh air. Ah just what I needed. I am cooped up at home for the majority of the time so this was a good thing to do, makes me happy to get home again.
Of course due to my physical limitations there are many aspects to travel that cause me a fair bit of distress. The car is very uncomfortable and it is all I can do to not scream in pain and frustration. Then it is nearly impossible to find facilities that cater to people of a larger size. So I make do, the best I can. The beds are another matter altogether, but this time although the bed was well past its use by date, it was quite comfy, but smaller than what we sleep on at home. At home we have a great king sized bed, and it is luxurious.
But the one of the best things about going away is that it is good to come home where all the comforts of home, suited to me are.

Bliss xx

Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Ordinary Life

How can it be the 14th November already? Seriously who stole the last 6 months? One minute it was June and the next we are staring Christmas 2010 in the face. I tell you either someone is spinning the world on its axis a lot faster than normal or I am filling my days with stuff and time is getting away from me.
Anyway enough stalling, *blush* yes I apologise for my tardy posting.

This is a picture of the waffles that the girls made recently. When the girls were little their Oma used to make these for them and they loved it, so when they asked me to buy a waffle maker I didn't hesitate. Since then they have made quite  few batches and they were yummy, especially served with strawberries, cream or ice cream with strawberries. Oh and maple syrup. :)
We are now making memories for the future generations.

On the sewing front I have been stuck. Simply put I have so many ideas in my mind that is stops me from getting any done. However, today I found the energy to piece a backing for the youngest daughters quilt. Now this quilt is a biggie, length wise anyway. It is 2.5 metres long! Don't ask why; though it might have something to do with putting borders on and not knowing when to stop. No pics yet but soon.
I also made a little table topper as a gift and some mug rugs which are all the rage in blog land these days but I have been doing my version of them for a while now.
Thought the ones I have seen on the blogs are much prettier than mine.
Onto other news. Our eldest has arrived home for a while. She needs time to gather her thoughts and we are very pleased to have her back with us. I love having her around.

See ya soon

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The rest of the news

Been a busy few weeks here. Last Wednesday the youngest daughter graduated from year 12 (that's her in her gown sorry for the poor photo) . She is very pleased. Me well whilst pleased I am also wondering what the near future has in store for her and us.
She is away at present went with her eldest sister to the big smoke and today has gone on further to the coast to visit with the middle child with another sister. She has taken her little toy poodle with her. His first holiday. They were in an IGA store yesterday and she had smuggled Smog (that was his name when we got him) in with her inside an oversized handbag. He poked his head out and some small boy shouted out "Look at the cat". Smog was not happy with that description. But as others became aware of him he attracted a bit of an adoring crowd. :) He is quite an acient dog and he does have eyes, they are well hidden under that fur. He had his hair cut last week and bears no resemblance to that picure. lol

Next week they return to us with the eldest sis who is moving back here with us for a while. So yes all ebbs, flows and dam breaks. That's our life.

I have other news but it is more lengthy to tell so will leave it for another time.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's not all a bed of roses

26 years ago
on a cool, overcast Saturday afternoon
The Bloke and I
were married in St Mathews Church
I was nervous, just 20 years old.
As were signing the marriage certificate
a large, black spider dropped down
and hovered above the table.
My brother who got a fright
 and not given to
a genteel vocabulary
let out a choice expletive
in the presence of the
presiding minister.
It provided light relief
from what was a quite
formal occasion.
26 years.
Five beautiful daughters
2 house moves
and here we
Yes he bought me the roses
after he initially forgot
the girls called
to remind him.
I don't really mind
I am used to him by now.

I have other news and pictures but will do that tomorrow. My internet is being shaped and it is painfully slow.
Talk soon.